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That's it - trip overview La Reunion


We have long considered which destination we want to travel during our honeymoon. Finally, a lot of our choice for the French overseas department of La Réunion. A good combination of activities and relaxation was important to us and I think you can find them on Reunion Island. We were traveling with a rental car for almost 3 weeks and had three accommodations across the island. On the map you will find the accommodations and some of the highlights visited. I'll introduce my favorite corners to you in another post.

Here are the links to our accommodations:
North - Bois De Nèfles - super nice garden, fresh eggs from the hens, nice view, dear hosts.
West - Piton Saint-Leu - great sea view, community pool, very spacious bungalow.
South - Saint-Joseph - small but very fine, self-built house, totally thought out.

The sunny side of the islands - that's why a trip is worthwhile

- Underwater world: Even if we had no whale sightings, the fact that you could go snorkeling with whales on Réunion makes Reunion almost unique.
- Volcanic landscapes: I particularly liked the area around the Piton de la Fournaise, a few days before and a few days after our trip there were actually some lava flows again. Even if we couldn't see any lava, we knew that it was really boiling under us. Exciting.
- Mountains: If you plan a little more carefully, you can take some great and longer hikes.

The dark side of Reunion Island - which disappointed us

- Traffic: We were really stuck in traffic, especially in the northern part of the island.
- Wildlife: There are hardly any animals to be found on land. We also had no luck in the botanical garden .
- Hikes: We made small hikes from the Rother hiking guide , but were very disappointed with some tours. Maybe we were just too quickly there after Madeira :)
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At the end of the trip, we were honestly not completely overwhelmed by the island and in the meantime we often doubted our choice a bit. For the first 1 1/2 weeks we had a lot of bad luck with the weather - Walt tours and sightseeing flights were canceled and we had to spontaneously look for an alternative program. For us 3 weeks were just too long on site, a combination with Mauritius would have made more sense.
Since hardly anybody goes swimming in the sea due to the shark attacks (there are beaches with sea basins or even secured beaches), a week in Mauritius would have had its charm for a bit of cocktails beach.

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