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Sossusvlei and Deadvlei: High dunes, dead trees and a little life


From Swakopmund we went on a day trip on the beloved gravel roads to Sesriem - the gateway to Sossusvlei. On the way there we also passed the famous sign of the Tropic of Capricorn. More than a photo stop, however, was the mini-village Solitaire. After a good three hours drive we finally wanted to strengthen ourselves with the famous Moose apple pie. Eating something in the middle of Namibia's bare wilderness is simply crazy ;-) Another good hour separated us from the day's destination Sesriem - on the way there we still saw this cave entrance. We were actually too lazy to run down in the heat. Bad travel blogger :)
In the Sossus Oasis Camp we ended the evening with a barbecue.

Off to Sossus and Deadvlei

At half past seven we crossed the Sesriem gate and made the 60km long (asphalt) route to the parking lot for the, normal vehicles'. The first dunes we have already admired in the morning light, but we wanted to have experienced the dead heat before the worst heat. If you arrive without 4 × 4 (and experience), you must either walk the last 5 kilometers or use the shuttle (170 NAD - 2018). The about 20 minute drive was actually quite nice, even Oryxe greeted us on the way. From the parking lot of the shuttle it is reasonably ground level to the pan of Deadvlei. Even though I've seen countless pictures in advance, the sight was overwhelming. The bright clay soil, the dried camel thorn trees and otherwise only sand in the form of high dunes.

From the valley, we ran across the first ridge of the Big Daddy dune across the country, and then decided relatively quickly that it was pretty enough on the dune ridge and that we did not have to climb a summit that day ;-) In the sand of the dunes you can also occasionally spot a lizard.

A late breakfast at dune 45

On the way back to Sesriem we decided to have a spontaneous breakfast picnic at the foot of dune 45. It's really handy if you always have everything in the car with you :) While we shared our food with the ants, we marveled at the diligent tourists who dune erkraxelten.

A short walk in the Sesriem Canyon

A few kilometers before Sesriem is still in the park of the Sesriem Canyon. A small footpath leads down the 30 meters into the canyon and you have the opportunity to walk a bit on the dry riverbed. However, it was really hot around noon. Picking up the canyon for the next morning would not have been wrong :)

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