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Baja California: hatched turtles and close whale encounters


Within two days two dreams came true on this trip. On the one hand, we were allowed to release freshly hatched turtles into the sea in Todos Santos and the next day we got really close to gray whales in the Bahia Magdalena on a boat tour. Or rather she us :-)

Turtle station in Todos Santos

The previous evening I was twice on the mat with the volunteers from the Tortugueros Las Playitas AC , but unfortunately they had no good news for me. Unfortunately, no turtle hatched over the day and therefore there was no common release on the beach in the evening. Desperately, I immediately regretted my decision to have booked only one night in Todos Santos. Already too often I have missed the chance to be part of this experience all over the world.

In order to leave no stone unturned, we set an early alarm and immediately marched to the breeding station. Fortunately, our AirBnB was just minutes away. And indeed, I could already see through the fence that a few turtles hatched overnight. Full of excitement, we waited for the one employee who luckily appeared after a short time. And so it came about that only we two, together with the nice gentleman, carried the turtles (from three different nests) in a bowl towards the water. As soon as they were exposed to the sand, the kids were already heading for the water. Even if they had to fight hard against the breaking waves and were washed back again and again, after a few minutes everybody was in the water.
And fortunately I could not find any birds, otherwise a few tears would surely have flowed. So I can imagine now that exactly our turtles survived and I'll see them sometime diving again :-)

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