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Of coasts and liqueurs on São Miguel


On the last day we drove to the east of the island of São Miguel towards the Nordeste. The coasts are just a dream. I can't explain why we were too comfortable and drove down to the Farol do Arnel lighthouse. On the way up I preferred to run (puffing loudly) and discovered a resident instead of an abandoned hut. I also had the much nicer views of the coastal landscape :-)

On the way back to our headquarters (near Rebeira Seca) we stopped for the Parque Natural dos Caldeirões. A nice place to stroll around a bit. However, when we stood above the waterfall, we were a little disappointed that it was created artificially ... We're a little spoiled from Iceland :-) In Ribeira Grande we visited the liquor factory 'A Mulher de Capote' - you get a small tour of the factory for free and at the end a small tasting. After this trip, however, I could no longer see an anise liqueur for a few months :-)
Now it's time to pack things, Pico we are coming!

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“About coasts and liqueurs on São Miguel”
  • Wow, great pictures! :)

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