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Black White: abandoned place - Hotel Monte Palace, Sao Miguel


Directly at the vantage point Vista do Rei overlooking the lakes Sete Cidades is the former Hotel Monte Palace. The hotel was opened twice, but had to close again after a short time. The customers did not stay - the hotel was just too often in the clouds and the beautiful view was worthless. During our visit was bright sunshine, but I still have the pictures of this 'abandoned place' prepared for the 'black white' series. The entrance is no longer guarded and the hotel is as good as empty - so now run only a few tourists through the many corridors and floors. My favorite spot was definitely the roof terrace - from there you had a nice view of the lakes.

Have you also visited such deserted places? If yes, which and where? I appreciate your comments (with possibly link to your pictures).

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"Black White: abandoned place - Hotel Monte Palace, Sao Miguel"
  • Wow! I'm so excited about your photos!

  • were two weeks ago on the terrace in the best weather terrific, in Germany unthinkable that you come in there.
    not quite so abandoned the Talaia de Albercutx on Mallorca, leaving military buildings with great views

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