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Namibia: sandy roads and the abandoned settlement Kolmannskuppe


After we left the highlight Sossusvlei behind us, another day of driving was imminent. The beautiful colored landscape and some animal encounters kept us in a good mood. And even the prospect of visiting the former settlement Kolmannskuppe the next day has certainly helped to drive the strenuous kilometers motivated.

The Koiimasis Ranch and the D707 without 4 × 4

I read a lot in advance of the road D707 or ergoogelt and it is often called the most beautiful street in Namibia. And since I wanted to go to the remote Koiimasis Ranch , our decision was made. With our Corolla it should go over the D707. And what should I say afterwards?

The track is beautiful. And yes, we sweated blood and water. The sand was really deep in places and we went crazy a couple of times. Just did not stop there was the motto. Fortunately, it was only a few miles that us (me as a passenger ;-)) so demanded.
Arriving at the ranch, there were admiring (or distraught) glances from the only other guests on the campsite. With a cold beer and the incredible width of the ranch, the strain was quickly forgotten. A short walk took us over a piece of land, we almost made it to Landsberg ;-)

The abandoned settlement Kolmannskuppe

The next campsite on our road trip was Klein-Aus and served as a stopover for our day trip to the ghost town Kolmannskuppe. Due to the many visitors, the place is not really deserted, but which Namibia vacationer would like to miss the former German settlement that is now sinking in the sand?

You can visit the houses only in the context of a tour, here there are always the current times of the tours. We were there almost an hour before and were allowed to explore the place kindly in advance. The tour itself was actually quite short, but definitely very interesting (and pleasantly even in German).

Short walk through Lüderitz

At noon we drove on to Lüderitz and did a little walk there. Even there, the German past can not be denied. The strong wind drove us out but quite quickly, where he was nice to look at the streets.

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