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Switzerland: Summer adventure in Flims-Laax


Press travel /// The sun was doing well with all of Europe as I hurried the 300 kilometers to my destination Flims-Laax in Switzerland. The destination had called for a long weekend of downhill adventures and I could not say no.

E-bike tour to the Rhine Gorge and Lake Cresta

I have really done it and sat back on an e-bike. The man did not like at home, because he is convinced that everyone should move his ass himself ;-)
This is how we from our hotel in Laax in the shortest time to the Rhine gorge. From the viewing platform Il Spir you have a magnificent view over the 'small Swiss Grand Canyon'. Almost 400 meters above the Rhine you stand on this platform, which is supposed to represent a swift. And she even stands out over the abyss. Not for the faint-hearted. You can reach the Crestae on foot or by bike on various routes from the Rhine Gorge. On this summer day we were super happy about the refreshing crystal clear water. At the back of the lake there is a small ledge from which you can swing with a rope into the lake - what a fun. If you want, you can barbecue next to the lake at the designated spot or you can come back to the inn and let yourself be pampered. By the way, on the way home I was very happy to be on the e-bike. I have never mastered an uphill route so easily ;-)

Back on the wall: the via ferrata Pinut

The next morning not only got me up early, but also my nervousness. Since the fall on the Rosskopf I was no longer on a via ferrata. Since the Pinut but is performed as a pure B-climb , but I wanted to dare but again. And it was more than worth it.
The climb is really easy to do, everything is well secured and there are hardly any exposed areas.
So after a few minutes, the greatest tension left me and I could really enjoy the sunrise and the rocks of the Flimserstein. For die-hard via ferrata fans, the technical aspect of the trail may not be that interesting, but novice gazes are here in paradise. Our destination was the Alp (Kiosk Tegia) on the Flimserstein where we fortified ourselves with drinks and cookies for the descent. We chose the direct, rather steep, route to Bargis. This is not to be despised scenic and one arrives directly at the bus stop at the mountain house.

Relaxed hours on Lake Cauma

With the bus it goes then also jerk (with 1x change) to the Caumasee. You can either walk down to the lake from the bus stop or choose the cozy option with the funicular included in the entrance fee. You can also walk around the lake outside the fence and enjoy the cool water on the opposite side at no cost. We used the afternoon to do nothing :) After a typical maritime strengthening with fries we dared at least still on a stand-up paddle. This was my first time and I did not think it was that bad.

If you want to explore the two most beautiful lakes in the area on foot, you can also take a short hike .

A hut night on the Segnespass

The biggest highlight of the journey was still ahead of us the next day. We were allowed to spend one night on the Segnespass - more specifically in the Mountain Lodge . But already the way within the UNESCO world cultural heritage is a dream of a walk in itself. But one after anonther…

From Flims we started comfortably with the chairlift which took us over Foppa to Naraus. So we started our hike at 1,800 meters.
About the panoramic path we arrived quite quickly to the Lower Segnesboden. There we had a fantastic view of the Tschingelhörner and the many waterfalls that flow left and right along the ground. The panorama has literally burned in with me and is now definitely one of my favorite places. Even the thrust line can be seen on the mountains, laymen like me think that only once for a mountain road. In addition to the Segneshütte there is currently a visitor's pavilion, which provides you with all the information about this special tectonic arena.
During a break in the Segneshütte we strengthened ourselves for the further ascent, which also led at the end of June over some snow fields. After we passed the about 19x22m large Martinsloch, only a steep climb awaited us and the Segnespass was reached.
In the former military accommodation, which was built in 1944, we quickly moved into the remaining beds. There are only 12 places in the dormitory and with the one or other snorer you have to expect unfortunately always. Stupid, if you forget his ear plugs. But the sunset and the gigantic starry night sky have more than compensated me for the sleepless night.

On the waterway Trutg di Flem

Our way back took us from the hut back to the Segnesboden. The waterway Trutg dil Flem begins here at the waterfall, where you definitely have to sing a few times over 7 bridges ;-) Because in total you cross the river on seven different bridge constructions. And the further you descend, the greener and flowery the landscape will be again. The hike reminded me a bit of the Lechweg . After the descent, the legs were a bit heavy, but I do not want to miss these summer adventures. Switzerland will certainly see me again soon. Note: I was invited by the destination Flims-Laax-Falera on this trip. Many thanks to Christina and Martina for all-round support including photo and Liane-ans-Land-hol-Dienst! My opinion was not influenced by Gipfel-Röteli or other culinary delights but remains untouched!

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