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Take a break from everyday life in São Miguel


Just do nothing, to be honest - that has something :) On São Miguel we spent a day only in our cottage, or on the terrace. Played with the dogs, the cat stroked and the goats fed. And in the evening we were then invited by the landlords to barbecue. Such a lazy day.
On other days we went with the car to beautiful coasts and our cow friends :-)

In Mosteiros you can enjoy the sunset, with one or two drinks from the mini beach bar. Really, what more could you want?

On a cloudy day we went to Furnas, the place where I discovered only one-way streets :-) Do not forget to pack an old and best dark bikini. After a while, it gets too hot in the pool, and you make way for the slightly cooler stream. And no, bikini photos are not available now ;-)
There was also a bit of Icelandic feeling in Furnas. Bubbling, sulfur stinking pelvis. Until recently, you could probably just walk around there, until a tourist had to test how warm so bubbling water is. Incidentally, at the Lagoa das Furnas, the well-known stew Cozido das furnas is made in the potholes - and in the city you can get it in most restaurants.
Do you like São Miguel? I still have a post for you, but then it's time for the next island :-)

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"Take a break from everyday life in São Miguel"
  • Beautiful and somehow different ...

  • Hach toll ... I'd like to go there now. And the pictures are really beautiful. Too bad that you have not been to the ITB. Was exciting. Hei and only one month to Malaysia. I wave to you then from Scotland to;). GlG, Nadine

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