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Green, green, green is not everything the Azores have - São Miguel


It's time to take some pictures of our Azores trip. The first week we spent on the island of São Miguel, actually the first stop for all travelers - because here all land flights from the mainland. São Miguel is therefore probably the best developed tourist island, but no reason to avoid it.

On our first day we drove with our rental car across the island :-) In the south we stopped in the village Vila do Franco ... ..and north on the beach Santana for a refreshing swim.
Everything in the Azores is actually green - the only competitor is the color blue :-) Hydrangeas grow everywhere and on every roadside. In the west of the island, on the ridge Serra Devassa, we took a short walk on a lookout hill. The view was really unique, left and right the sea and in the middle the view over the island. Again and again one encounters there in the area on mossy remains of aqueducts. In the far west of the island you will find the Lagoa Sete Cidades - in fact, this is two sub-lakes lying in this crater. Once the Lagoa Azul and the Lagoa Verde. And behind the crater rim you can see the Atlantic again. The path to the church in Sete Cidades was festively decorated.
On the way to Lagoa do Fogo we stopped at the Caldeira Velha. Here you can splash in the warm water for free. A little further up there is even a warm waterfall. When we arrived, however, was just a construction site - I suspect that soon follows a ticket booth and you have to pay a little admission.
A short drive and we were at the crater lake Lagoa do Fogo. We stopped at two different vantage points and just enjoyed the wide view.

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"Green, green, green is not everything the Azores have - São Miguel"
  • an example blog article, on which one sees, ees also without much text, thus with many beautiful pictures! Terrific!

    • Thanks :-) Sometimes there is not much to say ...

  • born just a few days ago, the travel idea and already on such a beautiful blog with tolletn Photos encountered! That leaves you wanting more :)

  • One of my dream destinations, which unfortunately is constantly postponed.

  • Thank you very nice. Will also go to Sao Miguel. Have a question. The second photo, in Vila do Franco. Where exactly is that? I have seen several photos of this bath but can not find it in Google Earth.

    • Hello Stip, I searched for Google Maps now, but unfortunately I can not give you the exact address. We accidentally parked our car nearby. Further to the left is more of a bay, there you can not continue / drive because then rock walls come. And in front of the pool is still a restaurant.

  • Hello Manuela

    What great pictures you made on Sao Miguel! This awakens a lot of memories for me, because I have just returned from the beautiful green island! There has not been much change in the last few years. The Caldeira Velha really costs admission now. But I think 2 EUR per person are pretty humane for this wonderful swimming in the middle of the jungle. At the pool, which was searched in the last comment, I was too. It is in front of the bar Caloura. Incidentally, the bar is a highly recommended restaurant. Here are fresh caught fish including sea view. I would like to sit there now :-)

    Continue happy travels and greetings from Switzerland

    • Hello Esther,

      I just looked at your post - also great pictures ;-) Has the same memories aroused me.
      2 EUR sound really acceptable! There one is used to other things elsewhere.

      best regards

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