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Baja California: beaches and diving at La Paz


We started our trip over the Baja California in La Paz. The first days the place was our starting point for a few explorations in the surrounding area. Among other things, the beaches Balandra, El Tecolote and El Saragento were on the plan. To the places led us empty streets past huge cactuses and innumerable Karakaras.

Until Playa Balandra it is only a stone's throw from La Paz. We were already there in the morning and were at the beginning still quite alone and could enjoy the beautiful bay. When at noon more people came to the beach, we literally went around the corner to the next beach. At this a mushroom rock is the highlight, I'm curious for how long he still stands there.

Actually, we wanted to start the next day with our dives, but unfortunately that was not possible due to the persistent wind. Not a single boat went out and the harbor was closed. Too bad chocolate. As an alternative, we explored the area around El Saragento. Have wandered on (MTB) paths, have tried to find the hot spring on the beach (to no avail) and watched the kiters.

Finally, it was time and we were allowed to create our diving equipment and dive in the so-called 'aquarium of the world'. We took a good hour by boat to the island of Espirito Santo, then on the rock Los Islotes we completed our first dive. We were accompanied by many playful and cheeky sea lions. Luckily I had hidden my hair in the hood, they really pull on every ribbon or try to nibble on your diving suit. Not so easy to keep a little distance ;-)

The second dive took place at the Fang Ming wreck, there was not much animal there, but it was still adventurous. With our guide (otherwise there were no other divers) we dived into the wreck and even swam through different levels. Just do not get stuck!

After a delicious lunch break on a dreamlike and absolutely empty beach we went back to La Paz. Even though of the planned 6 dives only 2 could take place, we liked it quite well in the aquarium of the world ;-)

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