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With the camper through Austria


As a child, there was only one known way to travel with my motorhome. Already as a baby I went to Portugal and in the following years very often to Greece, Italy Co.

So in the summer of 2018, we grabbed my parents' camper and relaxed to Austria. Did anybody say something about the summer of summer? We did not notice that much this week. It was clearly the rainiest week for months. But first things first. From Munich we drove once to the Salzburger Land or directly to the neighboring Mondsee. In the travel guide I had already selected a few nice corners.

Pitch in Tiefgraben on the Irrsee: Friedlbauer
After the first successful parking trials with the small monster had been completed, we dared to the hiking parking lots. The next morning we parked just before Fuschl and took the comfortable hiking trail up to the Drachenwand. Caution should be exercised just before the finish line.
But I do not have to find any motivating words for this outlook, right? :-)

Pitch in Bad Ischl: Kaiservilla
From Bad Ischl it went on the next morning in southern direction. With the big camper we did not dare to crowded Hallstatt and drove so spontaneously to the Gosauseen. From this day on it was rain jacket on and out. After all, there was so little going on and we could really enjoy the hike from Vorderen to Hinterer Gosausee . I could hardly tear myself away from the little duck family.

Pitch : Camping Schatzlmühle
Such a motorhome offers some advantages. On the one hand you can sit on rainy days comfortably on the bed and do nothing, on the other hand you can easily transport the bikes. Is then difficult to decide. Around noon we decided to brave the rain and cycled from Scharnstein through the Almtal to the Almsee. Actually, I still wanted to go to the little Ameisstein, but unfortunately we did not find the way. And then, if you have to travel a good 25 kilometers, you will lose your motivation.

Pitch in Altenmarkt im Pongau: cellar builder
In search of better weather, we drove back a bit and finally landed in Altenmarkt im Pongau. But there was no better weather and so we spent the next day comfortably in the local spa.
With the Gamskogelbahn the next day we went back to the mountains. We picked out the 4 summit tour there . Even if it ended up with 3 peaks. We left out the ark. Nice with sleet and sleet we ended this summer hike. In the pictures it does not look so wild ;-)

Pitch at the end of the valley in Hüttschlag: Naturcamping Stockham
Spontaneously, we steered the motorhome for the last few days in the Grossarl Valley. A real stroke of luck that showed us Austria again from its beautiful side. And on the last day we could still sit outside and start the grill ;-)
On our way to the Schöder and Ötzlsee we also passed the game enclosure. A little fawn was outside the fence and just did not come to his mother anymore. That was almost unbearable for me to watch. Unfortunately, there was no obvious hole or similar. to drive the fawn in the direction. Finally, the owner was reached through the tourist board and of course we could only continue our hike when the fawn was safe again. Luckily I have a patient man by my side ;-) Although it was like a walk through a stream for us, the remaining two hours on the way to Schödersee were beautiful. At some point we will come back and see everything in the sunshine. But only through the rain we were lucky to see the lake at all, in the summer he is otherwise dried out and fills only the snow melt again. At the end of our week in Austria, we unpacked our mountain bikes again and cycled from the valley head to Hüttschlag and then up towards Harbachalm . The hut was unfortunately still closed, but we found a nice rest area before we are back down. The week proved me two things again. Our neighboring country has so many beautiful corners and I love to have a home on 4 wheels :-)

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  • Hello love tightrope,

    Unfortunately, I have never been to Austria, but after these incredible pictures, I have to make a tour of this beautiful country. Even if the weather was not so good, you have seen and experienced a lot! Especially I find the pictures of the dragon wall. They remind me incredibly of the Roys Peak Walk in Wanaka, New Zealand, and that was one of the best views in this fascinatingly beautiful patch of earth. Thanks for this post!


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