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Namibia: Brandberg, Cape Cross and dune tours in Swakopmund


From Etosha National Park we drove straight to Brandberg and on to the coast to Cape Cross. We also did not want to miss the well-known dune tours in Swakopmund.

The Galton Gate is located in the west of the Etosha National Park and from there we drove in the direct direction, felt only 300km straight ahead, until the Brandberg. The drive there does not offer much variety, but that was what I was looking forward to in Namibia. The endless distances on the gravel roads :-) Arrived at the highest massif of Namibia, we registered at the provisional reception. Because without a local guide the tour to the rock paintings may not be committed anymore. We were lucky and actually had our guide for ourselves and so we hiked a good hour through the dry landscape of the Brandberg massif. And if we had seen the desert elephant without the guide, I almost dare to doubt. More than 50,000 rock paintings have already been discovered in the area, which probably originated around 2,000 to 4,000 years ago. Bravely we waited until it was our turn to examine the world-famous painting of the 'White Lady'. We spent the night in the nearby Uis. The next morning we wanted to drive on the D2342 to the Atlantic, but the camp owner advised us against it. The road was probably not longer straightened at this time and we did not want to take any chances then.

I did not want to miss the Cape Cross, because seeing hundreds to thousands of slightly stinking fur seals is always an experience. The animals are everywhere, but they could not hijack the extra dock for tourists. The night we spent at the campsite of the Cape Cross Lodge and so could enjoy a beautiful sunset by the sea.

Our goal to discover as many things in German as possible was quickly achieved by a short stroll through Swakopmund. Brauhaus, sausages, bookstore, Schullandheim..alles there ;-) I was especially looking forward to the trip to the Little Five Tour on the outskirts of Swakopmund. And in fact we did not have to travel far with our tour operator and already our guide (and without them it really is not) already discovered the first animal tracks in the sand. We were able to admire the Namib gecko, the dune lizard and the dwarf puff adders with our own eyes. The entrance to the construction of the golden wheel spider was also discovered by our guide. In order not to destroy the building and to expose the only nocturnal spider in daylight predators, but this remained on the spot - in the sand. Unfortunately we could not find traces of the Namaqua Chameleon. The ride on the dunes and 3 of the 5 'little ones' have made the Living Desert Tour a great highlight!

At some point I had seen a picture of the Sandwich Harbor area while preparing the trip. And I knew, I would like to go there too. So we booked a 4 × 4 tour and were taken from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay and started from there in the Namib Naukluft Park. The wild roller coaster ride on the dunes was an incredible experience. We are incredibly high dunes slid forward and backward with the car. And the very best - the huge sand dunes end right in the Atlantic. At the foot of the dunes, dolphins were making their tracks, almost too cheesy. Detailed information, also on other bookable tour elements, can be found here . Also a jackal and another Namibgecko discovered our guide during the tour for us.

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"Namibia: Brandberg, Cape Cross and Dune Tours in Swakopmund"
  • This is a small part of Namibia ... But already beautiful!

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