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Hiking in Madeira: 7 days, 7 tours


Our week on Madeira was marked by many kilometers, altitude and fantastic views. In this post I would like to introduce our tours - because hiking on Madeira is a must :-)

To the Ponta São Jorge

This little hike we started by chance on the day of arrival. You can start in the village of São Jorge or directly on the sea . Accordingly, the differences in height are the you have to deal with. We started at the lighthouse above the rock tongue and had to descend first good 250 meters. With the beautiful views of the north coast but a great pleasure.
In order to get to the old quays and thus to the top of the Ponta one would have to walk over a half-broken wobbly construction. I would not recommend that, the way does not look very stable anymore and also before that there was a landslide. So just enjoy the coast from the paved road and then sweaty and panting upwards.

Caldeirão Verde and Caldeirão do Inferno

Almost 19 kilometers long is this beautiful levada tour. There are waterfalls to marvel, various tunnels to cross and sometimes you walk along almost staggering steep walls. Who has made it to the green cauldron, should necessarily take the extension to Höllenkessel depending on condition. Due to the length of the path is not to be underestimated, but since the altitude can be kept within limits I recommend the tour in good conscience pretty much anyone who likes to go on foot ;-)

In the fairy forest of Fanal

At the forest house Fanal arrived we did not follow a certain way, but are on it marched off. Past the small pond, it was relatively quick to the old laurel trees. And appropriately, the mood changed within a few minutes. From one side many clouds suddenly moved towards us and transformed the place into the well-known mystical fairy forest. A trip to these old laurels is definitely part of every trip to Madeira.

The Royal Tour from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo

In the morning we were not sure at breakfast whether we should run the royal tour on the roofs of Madeira that day. The clouds had settled on our accommodation at over 1,000 meters. But a glance at the webcam helped us decide. So we arrived relatively late in the parking lot of Arieiros and had to wait for some time for a vacant gap. The clouds kept behaving well down and we were able to start the tour in good weather. We needed a good 5 1/2 hours with breaks, but also regularly hike here in the home country. If you are a bit untrained in the mountains you should aim for 6-7 hours. There will soon be a detailed report on the blog about this tour. It was just too nice :-)

Along the Levada do Rei

The 10-kilometer hike along the Levada do Rei was not particularly exciting for us. The impressions from the Caldeirão Verde Tour were probably still too much in our heads and so we found this tour rather a bit boring. Highlight on the way is the crossing of a waterfall, where you can not avoid a small shower. I concentrated a bit on the vegetation on the rocks above the Levada and discovered all sorts of beautiful flowers and even a bird's nest. Sometimes it's the little things that make something special :-)

The crag Ponta do Clérigo

As an alternative to the overcrowded Eagle's Rock , we chose this short hike to the crag Ponta do Clérigo . Here we always had great views of the eagle rock itself and of course the coast. Only the ascent was really very sweaty and the almost 400 vertical meters are covered in no time. Who does not want to share the path with several other hikers, is in good hands here.

Sunrise tour on the Ponta de São Lourenço peninsula

At Ponta do Rosto we waited (in vain) for the sunrise. Unfortunately, there was a thick cloud layer on the Atlantic. So we started the easy but spectacular coastal walk around the Cape. The loneliness on the way we enjoyed it very much, when we were back at the parking lot at 11 o'clock this was already packed and according to many people we had to make room on the way back. Meanwhile, there are simply too many travelers who want to enjoy the beauties of Madeira :-)
For more tour suggestions you can not get around the Rother hiking guide actually. We actually used it daily and sometimes spontaneously chose the tours. Those who like to plan online are well served by outdooractive , there you will also find several tours on the island.

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