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Black White: Other peak happiness moments in Bavaria


Slowly we are all preparing for spring, right? I can hardly wait for it myself and I am looking forward to my first summit moment in 2019. For your inspiration there are now some more summit-happiness-moments from 2018 from me. I have already summarized my spring tours here .


Altitude: 900 Time: approx. 4:30 hours Tour description: Mountain Hike Online
The tour to Risserkogel was again a special treat in the otherwise quite famous Tegensee region. Varied way, not too many people and a great view. And on the way back there is still the possibility to make a short detour to the Setzberg. So even a 2-summit tour.


Altitude difference: 1,000 Time: approx. 5 hours Tour description: Alpine Club
Even on the popular mountain Sunday on the tour were hardly people on the road, I should dare and therefore even write a kind of insider tip ;-) The views are indeed on the way a bit more overwhelming than the summit itself, but the tour has it all on top of my favorite summit ranking.


Altitude: 880 Time: approx. 4:30 hours Tour description: Höhenrausch
For a change we went to the Ammergau Alps. Hopefully this year many new mountain tours are waiting for me. The Teufelstättkopf has presented well in any case, the round trip we really liked. At the end a bit of tinkling on slimmed stone, but these are really only the last few meters.

Schildenstein through the Wolfsschlucht

Altitude: 900 Time: approx. 5:30 hours Tour description: Mountain Hike Online
During the hot summer, a hike including a march through a gorge came just right for me. At the end of the Wolfsschlucht gorge, it then goes up quickly with the help of many wire ropes. The walking sticks were more disturbing than helpful, but nevertheless I never felt queasy. Fortunately, alone in the mountains, I really do not like the feeling ;-) On the Schildenstein itself, unfortunately, it did not last long, the millions of flies (de ants) also wanted something from my snack. And I really do not like to share it ;-)


Altitude difference: 730 Time: approx. 4 hours Tour description: Outdooractive
For years, I wanted to pay a small visit to the striking summit of Leonhardstein. The tour is quite entertaining and you are quite fast on the summit. For long summer evenings also a perfect after-work tour.

The last tour - Sonnenspitze

Altitude: 700 Time: approx. 4:30 hours Tour description: Bergfex
I would not have thought so, but in fact we made it to the mountain 2 days before New Year's Eve. And the view from the Sonnenspitze on the Kochelsee can be more than impressive. The tour was despite the first small ice surfaces still good to handle. And finally I bought spikes for the spring. So it can be happy to start again with my beloved mountain Sunday!

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