Combination of keys on the keyboard for Windows

Has long been known that combination of keys on the keyboard can not only increase the number of input operations with the keyboard, but also save our precious time. Of course there are those users who believe that a combination of keys on the keyboard as not to accelerate the process of the computer and neglect to learning hotkeys. And it is in vain they do it, so practice and experience with the computer.

the Speed of the combinations are obvious and can sometimes increase the efficiency several times. So at least take a look at some of the hotkeys that you will use for your daily work in my operating system Windows XP/7 /8.

I draw your attention to the fact that when working at the computer is very important to be able to quickly print a blind method set (about what simulator to use for training desatualizados the set see here). I also recommend for the overall development read article about the the assignment of keys and their distribution by major groups. Learn once, work effectively at the computer and save your precious time, all my life.

To make easier the process of learning the key combinations on the keyboard I made user-friendly guides (cheat sheets) in PDF format that you can print out and keep handy. Like many authors of his Internet projects I could place them in the article, but this approach to the study of the combination of keyboard keys think it is not comfortable and not effective.

Where it is more convenient to keep a cheatsheet of the keyboard shortcuts on your computer, and even better near him. Because to perceive and remember the combination of keys on the keyboard easier. In addition, you will save yourself from a not rational use of time in searching for permanent and visiting sites that have posted a list of Windows hot keys.

Crib hotkeys Windows XP/7/8.

I created a crib under three versions of Windows operating systems. In all three versions of the Handbook shortcuts work 100% and correspond to reality because the lists are taken from official sources. Then all the lists I edited and made user-friendly guides «shortcut keys on the keyboard in Windows» in PDF format (read here how to create a document or magazine in PDF read format) for the operating systems Windows XP/7/8. In the image below in a reduced form shows what the look have reference.

Download the desired version of the directory, you can direct the link below.

Hot keys Windows XP

Hot keys Windows 7

Hot keys Windows 8

Knowledge of keyboard shortcuts facilitate the work of not only office workers, but also a blogger, webmaster, designer, Internet businessman and to all those who are associated with computer activity. No matter whether you derive income from the Internet with the blog, working on the computer in the office, programming the monitor or develop a regular interior for a customer. Shortcuts speed up the process, simplify the work and save your precious time.

In conclusion, I suggest you watch the theme video on the subject: «the Secret keys of Windows 7».

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