How to choose a tablet — analysis of technical characteristics of the

Today the market of tablet computers is so great that the average buyer is quite difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular model of tablet. That is, a wide range of modern tablets generates a demand, but how to choose a tablet to have a balanced ratio of technical characteristics to acceptable pricing? Since the financial capabilities are different, then the question of pricing miss, but on the technical aspects — perhaps I will stop.

That should be able to have in their basic configuration good tablet? Pushing the concept of the brand aside, I must say that this portable device first of all should be convenient to play games, watch movies and listen to music, read books, draw, work with email and programs, and thus it should not be recharged five times a day during active use. Surfing the Internet should not cause trouble in the form of a delay and brakes, and a good case should not bend effortlessly and from an ergonomic point of view, should be comfortable to work with.

Every potential buyer has their own requirements for such a device, and on this basis should determine in advance with the technical specifications, functionalities and operating system. To you less puzzled when choosing a tablet, consider the following fundamental aspects.

 Screen (multitouch, diagonal, resolution and type of matrix).

As you know the tablet has a touch screen that allows you to control the device using finger touch or stylus. In turn, we can note two basic types of sensor for screen management:

resistively — cheap to manufacture and is usually installed on budget models. Works on the principle of measuring resistance changes and it responds to the pressing, not the touch. These screens have poor control, react only to the touch of a finger or any object (pen, stick, pen) and practically expelled from the market.

capacitive — this type of display responds to the touch of a finger by measuring voltage changes on the surface due to the conductivity. Manufacturers in the corners of the capacitive touch screen is placed the electrodes, which form a grid and serves to screen a small AC current. Therefore, when the touch disrupts the structure of the grid due to the fact that the human body takes part of the current itself, and in the electric field leakage to a point where the potential is less than the potential electrodes.

Therefore, the processor takes the data and calculates the coordinates of the touch point. To implement multiple touch (multi-touch) on the opposite side of the screen producers caused a whole grid of such electrodes. This structure is also called projected capacitive. Hence in the characteristics of the tablet (smartphone) information on the multi-touch 5 or 10 touches. The more the better the accuracy of the estimate. By the way, if such a display to reduce the brightness of the backlight, it will help to save the battery charge.

The diagonal. Weight and dimensions, as well as a comfortable work with the tablet determines the size of the screen. Because manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of sizes in this segment, and to determine the size offered according to the following scheme.

  • 7-8 inches — in my understanding, the device is of such size limits a little comfort, but it is quite convenient to carry and use it not only as e-books. For example, such a device generally suitable for exploring the Internet and checking the mail, but limits in work with documents. However, if you want a compact and functional device, it makes sense to look towards phablets (phablet);
  • 8-10 inches — a highly sought-after diagonal that satisfies all the above needs. To play, work, and play media content on such a screen size is quite convenient;
  • 10-12,5 inch — these models can rightly be attributed to tablets transformers, which complement the keyboard docking station, making it a full-fledged notebook. They usually work under the Windows operating system that allows the road to work comfortably, using all the popular programs and of course fun.

Resolution. A very important parameter not only for tablet computers and the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. On some early models, where the resolution was low and amounted to 800×480 pixel noticeable was the formation of the image. It is good that such models are already in stores almost meet. Here a value defining the number of points for tablets today:

  • 1024×600 — typically, this permission is applied to 7-inch screens;
  • 1280×800 — this permission is relative to the physical screen size is usually found in tablets from 9-10 inches diagonal;
  • 1366×768 — used for laptop displays, but the founders of the world's tablets have become the device based on OS Windows;
  • 1920×1080 (Full HD) — usually used in tablets in the 9-10 inches;
  • 2048×1536 — new models Apple have a Retina display (or iPad) but the last Andriod devices have gone down this path;
  • 2560×1600 — while this is the highest resolution available for tablets running Andriod. You can find, for example, on Samsung Galaxy devices.

the Type of matrix. Producers in characteristics do not indicate a model matrix, but probably no need, but the type of writing required, because the parameter has not the last impact on the quality of the screen and the consumer. Briefly describe the basic types:

  • TN TFT — cheap matrix in producing narrow angles and relative color. Applies to budget models;
  • Super LCD — if just, it is the upgraded type of the matrix with respect to the previous (TFT screen);
  • IPS — are the easy, no flicker and defects of focus. Have a good range of brightness, wide viewing angle and deep blacks. Relatively expensive in relation to the TN-matrix, but have more response time. However, in the tablet industry, this parameter has no weight;
  • PLS — in fact it is IPS screen, announced at the time Samsung. In contrast to the IPS have a good picture in the sunlight and no more benefits;
  • IPS Retina — Относительно новый тип матрицы с высокой четкостью изображения от компании Apple. Но here нужно внести ясность, что сами дисплеи поставляют такие компании как Samsung, LG и Sharp. Здесь понятие видимости пикселей неприменимо, так как глаза человека попросту не воспринимает высокую плотность пикселей и соответственно глаза не устают;
  • it — interesting technology, Samsung has presented. The matrix has good contrast, color reproduction, brightness range and a large viewing angle.
  • Super AMOLED — улучшенная и доработанная версия дисплея. Улучшение заключается в том, что here тачскрин (Touchscreen) приклеен к самой матрице, что исключает содержание воздуха между ними. В связи с этим увеличилась яркость на 20%, энергопотребление снизилось на 20%, а отражение солнечных лучей упало на 80%.

characteristics of the processor and amount of memory.

We all know that the processors are characterized by the presence of cores and clock frequency. However, though the number of cores has weight, but not always all of them are involved in the work. Many programs just one or two cores and if you can't pay for an OCTA-core processor for modern games and especially for work on the road quite enough for two. If you are one of those who live with a stock, pay attention to four core processors.

Тактовая частота характеризуется количеством операций, выполняемых в единицу времени (секунду). И вот here как раз и работает правило, чем больше, тем лучше.

The amount of memory is a very important parameter, but it is worth remembering that there is an internal memory and RAM. The first is designed to store various data, and the second determines the speed of the tablet in General. Here are a few aspects to memory:

  • Recommended to take the device RAM memory from 2 GB and above.
  • Optimal internal memory of 16-32 GB but if you can afford a 64 GB, the extra they will not.
  • Internal memory of devices running Android and Windows can be expanded with SD card (classes of SD memory cards), but the memory of the iPad to expand to fail.

However, this is General advice, and to present their demands to the processor and memory comes from the operating system.

The platform (operating system).

The tablet consists of components (iron), but it is controlled with software. So before you choose a tablet for your task, you should pay attention to the platform under which the device operates.

Android — at the time, Google invested in the platform, which undoubtedly contributed to the creation of a huge developer community. For this platform are available more than million apps and running work not only tablets, but also smartphones, e-readers and even netbooks.

Of the advantages include easy synchronization and integration with Google services (Google Play, Google Maps, Google mail, Google+ and so on), installation of different applications from the memory card, without resorting to other digital device (netbook, laptop), and that a tablet running this OS can run as a simple removable disk.

The disadvantages include the frequent updating of the platform, which leads to incompatibility of some apps, but progress also brings about positive changes. Unfortunately, the device on this basis, with relatively high power consumption, and this leads to quite a rapid discharge of the battery.

iOS — this operating system promoted by Apple and designed for iPhone (iphone), iPods (iPods) and iPads (ipad). The ecosystem is constantly being improved and developed quite an impressive number of developers.

To the advantages of the iOS interface, which is the same for all devices, the presence of the app store AppStore, where about a million applications. Excellent speed and stability of the system as a whole. It is noteworthy that the devices have low power consumption and without recharging they can work 8-10 hours.

К сожалению недостатки here тоже есть. Например, айпад не имеет внешних портов, кроме аудиовыхода, что не дает возможности подключить внешний жесткий диск или USB-флешку. Из всего этого следует, что расширить внутреннюю память невозможно и подключить 3G-модем тоже нельзя. Чтобы загрузить какие-то данные с компьютера, потребуется наличие программы iTunes. То есть скопировать файлы с компьютера напрямую в память устройства на базе iOS невозможно.

however, these devices are well suited for working with multimedia content.

Windows — here I mean Windows 8 RT specifically designed by Microsoft for tablets. A great choice if you want to have all the functionality of your computer on the road. The familiar interface to work with a huge selection of programs.

The advantages also reckon that many of the usual programs included in Windows RT. For example, the well-known Microsoft Office package. Memory card support, mouse and keyboard. Quite simple to transfer data from the computer, because the device connects as a removable disk. For gamers available Xbox Live service with the ability to play online online.

The disadvantage is that this operating system is not yet such a wide range of programs as in previous platforms. However, the Windows powered device is a good solution for those who wish to use it for work. The usual support for text documents, planners, and presentations will create for you a comfortable environment in which to work.

The means of communication and interfaces.

To connect the tablet, for example, by a computer device provides the means of communication and interfaces. Briefly about the most popular ways sign below.

  • Wi-Fi adapter — is a built-in module that allows you to connect the device to a closed or open wireless network. All models have such a module.
  • 3G/4G modem — gives us the ability to be on the Internet. Very helps out when there is no access to a wireless access point Wi-Fi. If you spend a lot of time on the road, the presence of this feature you will be most welcome. There are models with built-in modem, but if a function in the device, you can purchase a separate external.
  • GPS receiver — a perfect opportunity with the help of GPS satellites to determine their location and get directions. An essential feature for motorists.
  • The Bluetooth adapter — lets you connect a tablet to a limited distance (10 meters) the wireless keyboard, headset and mouse. In addition, this technology allows access to the Internet by means of an additional device.
  • NFC adapter — the abbreviation is translated as near field communication. This function allows you to turn your tablet, for example, a Bank card, use it as a pass to the pool of mud at the company. Allows for a short distance to exchange data, links, and also with the help of specialized applications gives you the ability to read and write information in a programmable NFC label or NFC smart card.
  • USB port — often in a tablet inserted micro-USB that gives the chance through cable OTG to connect a wired mouse, keyboard, and external hard drive and USB flash drive (here read about how to choose a USB flash drive).
  • HDMI output — the interface is designed for transmitting multimedia data of high definition. Usually tablets have mini HDMI output. Therefore, to connect to another device, for example, to modern TV need HDMI cable-mini HDMI (previously described the main points for choosing the HDMI cable).

Все вышеперечисленные аспекты нужно учитывать при выборе планшета. Обращайте внимание на время автономной работы устройства, но при этом помните, что время автономной работы на прямую зависит того, что вы делаете за планшетом. Например, для просмотра страницы социальной сети «Vkontakte» потребуется совсем немного энергии, а вот просмотр видео довольно много возьмет накопленной энергии у батареи.

So if you need a long and Autonomous work, it is just the iPad that can withstand up to 10 hours without recharging. Some models running Android, is also capable of autonomously for quite a long time to work, but slightly less — up to 7 hours. But Windows tablets to last until the next charging no more than 4-5 hours.

Additional features include video camera and microphone. Camera is on the front panel and on the rear wall. The first allows you to make video calls, it is very useful in Skype, and the second is very useful for photo and video shooting. To assess the quality of shooting is better at the point of purchase, but if this is not possible, for example, buying via the Internet, a good solution would be main camera 8-12 Mpx (plus a flash, autofocus) and a front 2-5 Mpx.

This is it. Want to make the right choice of tablet. If you have something to add material, please do in the comments. While!

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