As to download the original image of Windows 10 — x32 and x64

The long-awaited operating system not so long ago was presented to our attention by Microsoft. The new creation of the company since the issue is constantly gaining momentum and now Windows 10 supports not only bit x32 and x64, but ARM architecture. It says that the operating system is the same for tablets, smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. To download the original image of Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website.

This is the first operating system that is distributed partly free of charge. That is, update and activate it with the condition that you have previously installed a licensed operating system Windows 7/8/8.1. On the Internet on various forums people often write that they have the update went well and everything went and works great. However, there are also those who complain about what could not be renewed or refreshed, but they had to return to the previous version of the system, because it's not too new computer simply does not have the drivers for the new operating system. Hopefully, with time to correct and adjust.

Chtoby to obtain a product license from Microsoft, you need to first be updated to activate the new system by logging in to the Microsoft account. If you do decide to install Windows 10 from a bootable pendrive, then make sure you follow the conditions described above, and after the system is installed with flash media, skip entering a key and log into your account at Microsoft and the operating system is automatically activated. You may need to reboot.

The first thing you need to download for free from the official website a special tool Installation Media Creation Tool. To download you need a program in accordance with the version of Windows installed on the computer (x32 or x64).

This program will help you download the installation files from the official site of the ISO image you need revision and, if necessary, immediately to make a bootable USB of Windows 10 for installation. If you have already reserved Windows 10, the installation files will load after some time to a hidden folder «$Windows.~BT». Unable to wait or to download the necessary files yourself through the following method.

the ISO image Download Windows 10 from official Microsoft website.

As you have already downloaded the program, run it and you will see the first dialog box, where you need to make your first choice.

If you have not yet upgraded, you can select the appropriate item, I would create installation media for another machine. Click «Next». In the next window You need to select the >

Next we need to choose one of two options. You can get an ISO image or create a bootable USB flash drive.

If you want to immediately get a bootable flash drive, insert the flash drive into the computer, the program select «USB flash», and press «Next». In the next window you need to specify as the directory area of the removable media, press «Next» and the start of the operation.

If you just want to have a system image on the computer and subsequently burn it to disk or use for any other purpose, activate in the dialog box item «ISO file» and click on «Next». Then, specify the desired directory on your computer, click «Save» starts the download of the ISO image on the hard disk.

I chose the first option and the removable media is ready. After you click «Ready» the program will remove the junk files and can use a flash drive.

Depending on what you specified at the end of the process you will receive a system image or are willing to download the flash drive. It's so easy and quickly enough, you can get the original Windows image 10. While!

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