What to do if the mouse does not work on a computer or laptop?

All of us from time to time faced with the fact that the arm in some point of the computer ceases to execute commands or should they not the first time. And if Linux has the lion's share of the operations you can perform using the console, the Windows operating system less friendly in this regard and are focused on working with the manipulator. Everyone who is faced with the fact that the mouse does not work on your computer or laptop, just wondering what the cause of failure and whether it is possible to fix it on their own.

In some cases it is possible independently to remove the cause, and the manipulator continues to serve for a long time. In other cases, have planned out to visit the store and to choose a computer mouse based on technical characteristics.

Is not a secret that computer mice have different interface connection (Bluetooth, Wireless, USB, PS/2), in consequence of which they are conventionally divided into wired and wireless types. That is why there are General and individual challenges for each type of manipulator.

Common problems and recommendations for their elimination.

Problem # 1. Computer mouse stopped working or is unstable.

If the manipulator for connection uses the USB interface, we first use a different USB port. The computers with the operating system more than three years ago, can have problems with USB controller in software. In addition, the long-established operating systems, a conflict may occur between devices (from each other selected system resources).

If after connecting the mouse to another USB port, it works fine, the problem is likely related to the instability of the USB controller. In some cases you will have to purchase the expansion controller (PCI adapter).

If your mouse is connected through PS/2 interface, then the above method will not work, because on the motherboard it one.

in addition, using the keypad if required, you can reinstall the driver of the manipulator. To do this, press the key combination Win+R and in the field «Open» list mmc devmgmt.msc and confirm your action by clicking «Enter».

This will open a window «device Manager». Click on the horizontal tab (Tab) to activate the selection in the hierarchical list. Next, using the cursor arrow «Down» go to the item «Mice and other pointing device». To expand the list, click the cursor arrow «Right». Here is displayed your connected mouse to the computer.

You can use the cursor arrows, scroll your mouse and click «Context menu» (it is drawn a list with cursor — located near the right «Ctrl»). In the opened menu click on «Remove». After that, restart your computer (laptop) and after the next boot, the Windows operating system re-detects the device and installs a driver for it.

Problem # 2. The computer mouse cursor twitches or is not in place. Makes it impossible to accurately move the pointer over the desired object.

This behavior is usually due to the fact that the sensor positioner is clogged with fine particles of drinking and dirt. In this case, you should remove contamination from the surface of the embedded sensor with a cotton swab or soft cloth moistened with alcohol. If instead of Mat you are using a desktop, it may also be the cause of the above problems. First, most of the budget mice are reluctant to work on polished and glazed surfaces, and secondly, for some users it is not clean.

Problem number 3. The button on the TrackPoint doesn't work every time or not working at all.

With a similar problem I have experienced repeatedly and for some reason was not working right mouse button, which is the number of taps significantly less than on the left. In this case, this problem does not arise in software and hardware. Mouse stops responding because of a failure of microcopy because they have limited resource taps. Sometimes they stop functioning as a result of strong taps or due to the fact that in the case of the mouse dirt and they were sticky.

In the first case, when certain knowledge and skills with a soldering iron, and to take appropriate car to be replaced, and the second, just need to clean microcopy. However, the buttons sticking due to dirt is extremely rare and most likely need the corresponding donor (another mouse), or a new microcope to replace.

The individual problems of computer manipulators.

Wired mouse typical problem is the damage of wire in consequence of the inflection or otdelyvanija. Visually inspect the cable and if any damage is found, connect and insulate the wires.

Wireless mouse have one undeniable weakness. If the manipulator suddenly disconnected, then the first thing you need to check the batteries with a tester and replace if necessary. Not all users are friends with the tester and therefore the owners of such wireless solutions, I recommend keeping a reserve of power. Thus, you will always be able to determine whether a problem with the power supply. If the assumption is confirmed, then after replacing the battery you will be able to continue working, and if confirmation is no, then at least you can eliminate the primary cause and to continue the search.

In addition, wireless manipulators may interfere at the level of the radio frequency with the other placed near the devices. To determine whether there is a conflict between devices, turn off all the devices that can give interference (electromagnetic or radio frequency interference). Sometimes standing next to the router may have a similar effect on the computer mouse.

Finally, try to avoid the fall of a mouse with the surface of the table. They are very sensitive to various shocks. Well, if the manufacturer for your manipulator used high-quality components and paid special attention to the Assembly process. In this case, the fall from the table computer mouse will move normally, otherwise will fail.

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