Hetman Partition Recovery — the program to recover data from memory card or hard disk

Nowadays, there are many modern devices that can hold large amounts of different information in very compact dimensions. However, despite the reliability and perfection of modern technology, no one is insured against accidental deletion of important files from USB drive, memory photos from memory card of smartphone, camera, and large amounts of information from the hard disk of the computer. This is especially true in cases when the flash drive is infected with virus you have to format.

I also had to deal with the problem of lost files, when a friend (not very versed in computer technology) formatted my flash drive where you stored many important documents, setup files for programs, as well as photos, videos and music that I copied to the computer. At first I thought maybe she mistakenly hid the files or on a flash drive got a virus, but in the analysis of removable drive revealed that there were no viruses it contains, and free memory «told» about the fact that the flash drive is completely empty.

After the analysis of the situation and a brief search, I compared the existing Internet programs recover lost data and decided to choose one of the license utilities, as know what free programs are often ineffective. From a rather large list of available programs, I chose a utility such as Hetman Partition Recovery, the cost of which was acceptable for me, and the reviews are very good.

This utility is compatible with all modern Windows operating systems, operates with file systems FAT and NTFS and has minimal system requirements, making it possible to establish Hetman Partition Recovery on computer with any, even very «weak» characteristics. By means of the program easy to understand how to recover hard drive.

After installing the program it turned out that it has a simple interface that does not require global knowledge of the computer, you have to use it can advanced user and the average, and even people, owning a computer at a minimum. Besides, to work with this utility, it is sufficient to adhere to the advice of the restore data wizard, showing step by step actions to be followed to restore the lost data.

Installing the program, which by the way is small, affordable and easy installer, I started to understand how to use it. In fact, everything was very simple. By the way, there is also one caveat: if you need data recovery from hard disk, then install the software you have to any other disk.

To begin the process and recover the data, for example, formatted internal or external storage of the information needed to run the program from the desktop or from the menu «start».

a Full analysis of the removable disk.

After running the utility I saw a pop-up dialog box repair wizard, which by the way can be disabled by removing the corresponding «checkbox». But as I acquaint you with this product, the advice of the master will leave.

I press «Next» and see a display of all drives and media that are at the moment working on my comp. I need to restore the data on the flash drive called 13.11.Pro.L.

Select the desired device and press «Next». The wizard displays a window that requires you to determine the type of analysis disk space, media, quick or full, in all possible information.

After some hesitation (for reliability) prefer full analysis, because I need to recover all the information.

The complete analysis takes some time, so will need to wait its completion.

All took where three minutes, and after I saw the following:

Click «Ready» opens the work area consisting of three sites: in the Central, the show found files and folder «$ Deep analysis» in the left specified existing media and the right displays the progress of the restoration documents.

After clicking on «$ Deep analysis», the window that displays all of the files from which you can choose to search for deep analysis.

The file to restore, you need «win» in the right field. Pull and press «Restore».

After that, the wizard asks you to specify the location to save the recovered files.

I choose the option presented by the system «Recovery on hard drive». Click «Next» and choose a folder to save.

In this case, I save files to drive D. Click «Restore». Is saving files to the hard drive, which will also take some time.

The process is over and you can test, whether all of the previously selected files are in the folder. Click «Ready» and «go» in the folder specified for saving files.

The program has found 11 types of files that are in folders in accordance with the format.

If you choose to open any, it is possible to observe the recovered files whose names are of course different from the original, however, not be easy to change them.

A quick disk scan.

So, this software is found and successfully recovered all my lost files and it is possible to complete this work. However, I was curious to check how «Quick scan», and so, after saving all the files on the hard drive, I decided to try again.

At first, the principle of operation is different from «deep scans», as the restore wizard offers to perform identical actions, but after you select «Quick scan» I saw a similar window with the found files, which left less time than with the previous method.

I Press «Ready» and another window will open.

However, unlike previous checks by clicking on the folder «$ Deep analysis» appeared a little different window.

You can specify all files that should be restored, or just certain types.

I chose some of the file types for recovery. click «OK».

As you can see at the bottom right, utility «looking for» the data to be restored. It took approximately 2-3 minutes. After search I saw the 7 files (not counting archives), which found the program. They are arranged in folders in accordance with the formats, and if log in is selected, you can see audio, video or text files whose names assigned by the program.

Select all and «chip» in the right part of the workspace. Click «Restore» and see the same deep way of checking the window where you want to specify the way files are saved. I decided to keep everything on a hard disk.

Click «Next» and choose the path to save, then in the next dialog box click on «Restore». See a similar window as in the previous test, that is, the program will automatically save the selected files. Click «Ready» and «go» on your hard disk to check whether all of the files available.

All the files that I selected to restore, has been restored, and therefore the utility can be completed. The only inconvenience when working with this program is the mismatch of file names, but it's easy to fix and rename them. In conclusion, I suggest to watch the official trailer depicting the main features of the program.

In General, work with this tool I liked it. Convenient and easy interface allows you to quickly restore all the necessary information. In addition, the program is quite fast «finds» all necessary files, allowing you to not spend a lot of time and quickly recover.

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