ComboPlayer: program for viewing online-TV

ComboPlayer is a free program to view the license online TV with user-friendly interface. Player designed by a team of local developers and offers other useful functions, which will be discussed below.

Download the package ComboPlayer , you can direct link.

Watching online TV on computer.

Key opportunity ComboPlayer — stream online TV on PC. The program is available for free 20 of the Federal Russian channels, including «First», «Friday», «Match TV», «NTV», «Roundabout» and other. Also, the player has a built-in program guide for each channel (right-click on the desired channel).

Data broadcasting channels is carried out in standard definition SDTV (aspect ratio 16:9, resolution: 960×540 pixels), for proper playback, it is sufficient to have an Internet connection with a speed of 3 Mbps/h. When playing channels, and in their view no additional built-in advertising — broadcast TV starts almost instantly.

To increase the number of available TV-channels and improve the picture quality to high definition HD (16:9, 1920×1080 points) you can buy paid packages. It includes more than 130 TV channels such as National Geographic, Euronews, 2×2, FOX, Amedia 1, Europa Plus TV, Comedy and many others.

One paid subscription will be simultaneously available to multiple devices (number of devices depends on the plan). Thus, a single fare is enough for the whole family: adults will watch movies and shows, children's cartoons and entertainment.

Internet radio.

In ComboPlayer there is a section «Radio» where there are more than 400 totally free radio stations for every taste and color. For the convenience of the radio station you can sort by genre (humor, news, rock, rap, techno, etc.) and countries.

Radio stations often provide information about the currently playing music — artist name and song title. First, it facilitates the search for any song on the Internet, and secondly, the text of such songs with one click you can view on a special website — for this there is a button in the top left of the player.

Are also available ComboPlayer recording function radio broadcasts — built-in tool allows you to activate a pending entry to the desired time interval.


To see a movie or TV series, you often have to wait for them downloading using torrent-clients . ComboPlayer allows you to watch torrent videos online. Just add a normal file format *the torrent to the program, wait for buffering (typically a few seconds) and start browsing.

When you play a movie or a TV series video file in the background will be downloaded into the memory of the computer. Thus, it can be viewed again even without an Internet connection.

Video and audio player.

  • ComboPlayer can be used as a normal player for music and video playback. The program comes preinstalled with all modern codecs so it plays most of the formats.
  • The player also supports subtitles — they are either «sewn» in the film, or they can be downloaded separately and added manually.

ComboPlayer is a versatile program that allows you to watch online TV, listen to and record radio, view torrent video and just play media.

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