How to read MBR or GPT markings on the device storage

Several loyal readers asked us to comment in detail on how to read MBR or GPT reside on the drive. To specify MBR or GPT standard for storage device in Windows operating system in two ways. First, you can use the command line, and secondly, to use the graphical interface of the operating system and look for the partition style used in the panel «disk Management». But first, a bit about what is MBR and GPT?

A few years ago in the motherboard of the computer has established BIOS (the low level OS) to perform a self-test POST and the subsequent transfer of control hardware of a computer operating system. After successful initialization (download) system devices looking for a BIOS reserved memory area of the MBR (first sector of the storage device) and transfers control to that boot loader. After that the MBR reads the partition table and loads the operating system.

GPT has replaced the MBR (use the BIOS), and represents a new standard of accommodation tables on the physical disk. In turn, GPT is used UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface), which has replaced the BIOS. Unlike MBR, which is located in the beginning of the disk is the boot sector, GPT is a partition table on the disk (abbreviated GUID) and assigns each such section unique global identifier.

Benefits GPT obvious. For example, if the MBR is damaged or overwritten, in consequence of the fact that this boot record is stored in a single location, an error occurs while loading the OS. GPT is more flexible because it stores multiple copies of such data across the disk and in the event of such a situation is able to recover corrupted data.

In addition, GPT (which is part of firmware interface) working in tandem with UEFI has a higher download speed, supports drives larger dimensions and number of sections, as well as security features (secure boot, support for hardware encrypted hard drives). I Hope I managed to explain briefly and clearly what is the essence of these standards in plain >

Define MBR or GPT is used as the partition style.

To read MBR or GPT standard disk, using the interface of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, you need to go to «control Panel» «administrative tools» «computer Management» and in the left column to select «disk Management». Click the right mouse button on «Drive 0» in the context menu, select «Properties».

In the opened window go to the tab «Tom» in line «Style section» you will see MBR or GPT standard is used. Here are examples from two of my computers.

Through the command line too, can learn to MBR or GPT standard used on the drive. To do this, press the key combination Win + R and type diskpart and press «OK».

In the opened window enter the command list disk to display summary information about the disks. If the line «Drive 0» is asterisk, it GPT, but if there is no asterisk, then the MBR.

At this point in time, some users do not perceive any significant advantages, but I assure you the future UEFI and GPT.

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