How to choose a mouse for your computer: current recommendations

With the advent of the graphical interface for manipulators is firmly established in the life of modern man, since they allow you to control the computer and are responsible for information input, determining a cursor position on the monitor screen to input data or commands. It is the shape and parameters of this device play a key role and have a direct impact on our achievements in the games, the convenience and speed of the computer overall. So in this article we'll talk about how to choose a mouse for your computer and analyze the main characteristics to which you should pay attention to when buying.

Because the pricing on these handles varies within very wide range, I'm not going to focus your attention on the cost of production, and will be taken directly to the manufacturers. But if you don't want to understand the technical characteristics and the deciding factor for you is the high cost, then buy a computer mouse from the expensive segment and don't bother. But if you think otherwise and prefer to first understand the defining properties of the mouse, I recommend to read the manual.

The leading manufacturers of computer mice.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer may not be the determining factor anyway it makes sense to pay attention to it, because a trademark indicates the degree of reliability. Leading manufacturers who value their reputation isn't very much and it helps us to narrow down and focus on the leaders.

  • Logitech company produces very high-quality peripheral products. In the Arsenal there are mice with additional features, but at a high price. Budget models have a simple design and there are additional options, but not inferior quality.
  • A4Tech products this company has long been appreciated not only by ordinary users, IT employees, and gamers. Their mouse have attractive design and wide range of options (more buttons, backlight, adjusting the sensitivity and acceleration). For lovers of minimalism in the Arsenal of the company there is a convenient and high-quality models.
  • Razer is a highly specialized company that focused on gaming equipment. In its range there is the mouse with a huge set of features. The company cooperates with professional players and all the development in the field of gaming equipment performed taking into account the views of leading experts. Despite the high pricing, the company is the clear leader in the gaming industry.
  • Genius – this manufacturer, in contrast, is a leader in the field of production budget mice at affordable prices. The ratio of price and quality to be at the proper level. The positioners have a long service life and stylish design.

Each company in the list, made a major contribution to the development and production of computer mice, and monitors the quality of its products that made their brand recognizable around the world.

All fans to play computer games, which focus on results, rankings and achievements, I recommend the Razer. Their highly specialized mice have a wide range of settings and not allow situations like stalling sight rapid reversal or a random passage past a given point.

The connectivity between mouse and computer.

With all the variety of manipulators, there are only two ways to connect (wired and wireless). Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wired. This type of connection can be attributed to the manipulators interface PS/2 and USB. Mouse with USB interface is now represented in a wide range, but devices with PS/2 connector can still be found, but despite this they are still slowly disappearing. On the one hand progress has the upper hand, but also to say goodbye to the mouse interface PS/2 is not desirable, because they do not have to poll the device, and this in turn has a positive effect on response time.

Wireless. This type of connection can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Bluetooth. Manipulators are good that do not take up interface in the computer, but unfortunately, they have a low response speed. To pair the mouse with the computer, the computer must have Bluetooth module.
  2. Wi-Fi. Mouse that such connections have the lowest energy consumption of all presented in this group. To connect, your computer must have module for receiving the signal.
  3. Radio channel. Devices with this type of connection have a stable connection and high-speed response. To connect you need to insert the USB module of the manipulator into the appropriate port on your computer.

Undoubtedly, the wireless mouse is connected to the wired computer takes precedence over the convenience of usage, for example, in the road, but binding to the batteries or the batteries can fail at the wrong time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep in the road with a spare set of batteries.

the Type of the embedded sensor (optical or laser diode) and DPI.

Choosing a mouse for your computer, be sure to pay attention to the type built-in sensor. At the moment, found two such types:

Opticheskii. In the body of the device is the led, sensor and lenses that work in the same tandem, and determine the position of the mouse above the surface. This optical correlation which includes a small video camera (usually more than 1 kHz) to run images of the working surface illuminated light-emitting diode.

Photo material compares frame-by-frame and thus determines the movement of the mouse on the working surface. The led in the housing is installed at a slight angle relative to the surface, which gives the opportunity during the optical radiation to reflect shadows on mikrourovne surfaces (wood, plastic, fabric), to record and process an electronic chip. Manipulators have more powerful consumption unlike laser counterparts and low price with good declared characteristics.

Lazerny. Better technology with the same principle of operation, where to illuminate the working surface not already in use red led and infrared laser diode. Thanks coherency of laser radiation is more precise focusing and positioning. In contrast to the optical, they are less sensitive to micro-cracks on the working surface. Laser mouse works great on smooth and clear surface (glass, mirror), which is not true about optical manipulator. A device with this type of sensor is recommended for gaming.

Resolution. This is a General parameter for optical and laser mice. This characteristic is measured not in pixels but in dots per inch (abbreviated DPI — dots per inch), which is displayed on your monitor arm. It is believed that the higher the value, the more accurate the mouse. Here we need to clarify. DPI — is a generalized term, and it was used only for printing. Abbreviation CPI (counter per inch — the number of measurements per inch) is more applicable to computer mice and more accurately reflects the essence, but in a society caught it the first term because it's essentially the same thing. So what is DPI?

We have already figured out that a sensor in the body works on the principle of the camera that constantly takes pictures of the working surface on which glides the mouse, and the obtained results are compared to each other. So there is a calculation concerning the mouse cursor movement on the monitor screen and the working surface of the table.

In turn, the monitor is divided into a large number of points. Assume that one inch of your monitor to be 20,000 points, and the computer mouse is configured to 800 dpi. Therefore, when the cursor is on the monitor screen one inch from 20,000 points computer mouse perceives only 800. This in turn affects the accuracy in the game. For example, you have the head of an opponent in sight and took the shot, if at this moment she was not in those points that sees the sensor, the bullet will pass. So to get to the opponent, you will be heavier.

The number of dots per inch depends on the resolution and aspect ratio of the screen and in reality, they are of course much more. So the larger the monitor, the more pixels per inch and the more DPI on the mouse, the faster it moves across the screen. Everything is connected. If you reduce the desktop resolution, for example, two times, you will find that the mouse sensitivity will grow proportionally twice. If you increase the resolution, the sensitivity of the mouse on the contrary to decrease.

Some users confused, sensitivity and resolution. In the settings of the Windows operating system called «Toolbar» you can programmatically change the scale of the surface under the sensor, and the resolution — it is a physical quantity.

With this you need to understand that all people play on the monitor with a different resolution and have different sensitivity and therefore each person has a threshold of accuracy. Hard to say with certainty what should be the DPI of a gaming mouse, but experts advise to focus on the following parameters:

  • The shooters (8200 dpi) — games first-person require high reaction speed and accuracy.
  • MMORPG, MOBA (6400 dpi) — this is important not so much the speed of movement of the mouse, as the speed of button presses, on which hung various actions.
  • Strategy, RTS (4000-6400 dpi) — in this genre is more important not speed, but precision and comfort for the hand.

If the office of the mouse and the manipulator is designed to work in the Internet, the DPI setting does not matter, for gaming devices other things being equal, this option is still important.

Additional parameters and functions of a computer mouse.

In my opinion, the design of the mouse should be ergonomic, so after hours of surfing the web or long time spent playing arm did not feel tired. From the point of view of ergonomics, computer mouse must have a convenient form, consist of a nice touch material.

The shape of the mouse can be divided into universal (symmetric) and specially made by right-handed or left-handed. As a rule, more common office mouse and a budget model for right-handers.

If the average of the manipulator as the material is quite suitable plastic, the gaming model needs to be rubberized, so that during the dynamic of the game, it does not slip out of hands at the most inopportune moment.

A high-quality manipulator must have Teflon feet to smoothly glide over the surface. Unfortunately, there are budget models with small legs, which were later erased in a short period of time.

In the gameplay of no small importance is the weight of the mouse, as it affects the accuracy of the sight and movement speed. For each person this individual parameter and therefore a good solution would be a mouse with weight adjustment the weights that give the opportunity to gain the necessary weight in the body of the manipulator.

The basic factor in the functionality of the mouse is the extra buttons and software, as well as sensor resolution. Many gaming mice have a button to switch DPI. Good and reliable manufacturer of sensors considered firm Avago and Pixart. Very popular sensor PMW3310. By the way, microcopy also play a significant role and have a life of taps. The most popular and high quality manufacturers and Omron Huano are considered.

In conclusion, I suggest you watch the informative video about the evolution of the computer mouse. While!

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