a review of the Apple iPad Pro 11: goodbye Lightning, long live the USB Type-C

Many people mistakenly believe that the era of iPads irrevocably rooted in the past. But the model is Pro 11 from the renowned company Apple aims to dispel these doubts. Despite the fact that the modern market is saturated with quality smartphones, and most users prefer the "pocket" computers, at the same time serving as communication devices, demand for tablets remains high as overall gadgets, though can't match the performance of laptops, managed to surpass them in ease of use. iPad Pro 11 has taken a worthy place in the intermediate niche between compact phones and bulky laptops.

New tablet Apple you'll be an advanced technical stuffing, expanded functionality, attractive design, pleasant tactile sensations upon contact and relatively easy volumetric case (only 468 grams). It is possible to use in all conditions.

Technical specifications of iPad Pro 11

  • Display: LED, IPS, 11-inch, 264 PPI, resolution 2388×1668, Liquid Retina display (fully laminated, anti-reflective coating);
  • CPU: A12X Bionic with 64‑bit architecture;
  • Graphics accelerator: M12;
  • memory: 4/6 GB;
  • Built-in memory: 64/256/512/1024 GB;
  • Operating system: IOS 12;
  • Interfaces: dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz) wireless Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), HT80 with MIMO, Bluetooth: 5.0;
  • Connectivity:  available in an LTE version (4G), UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC‑HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz);
  • The SIM card: nano‑SIM (Apple SIM is supported), eSIM;
  • Camera: основная — 12 Мп f/1.8 с возможностью записи видео в 4K/60fps, фронтальная — 7 Мп, f/2.2;
  • Navigation: Assisted GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS;
  • Sensors: Face ID, three-axis gyro, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light sensor;
  • Advanced: Face ID (facial recognition using the camera TrueDepth, unlock iPad, protection of personal data in applications), Apple Pay, oleophobic coating, resistant to the appearance of fingerprints;
  • Battery: built-in Li-polymer battery capacity 29,37 W∙h up To 10 hours of surfing the Internet (Wi‑Fi watching video or listening to music);
  • Dimensions: 247 x 178,5 mm x 5.9 mm;
  • Mass: 468 gram;
  • Available colors: silver, space grey.


As previous models of iPad Pro, the device comes in the usual box company luxury juicy art on the cover. The package includes the tablet, charger unit powerful 18 watts, branded stickers, key for SIM card eject, the USB cable, and manual.

For convenience, we recommend you to purchase a durable case with stand and integrated keyboard. This will greatly improve the performance of the tablet, and to reduce the risk of accidental damage during transportation or work. Some argue that the Cabinet is not very durable and can be deformed in the misuse. However, in reality the device is quite sturdy and can withstand high mechanical loads. Case is useful only for additional protection.


Visually, the tablet looks neat and stylish. The gadget is made in an updated, minimalist design with smooth rounded corners. The first thing that catches the eye — aluminum case with silver or deep gray. The manufacturer departed from the traditional flattened edges, added presentable device. Also changed the frame around the display. Now they are virtually invisible, which is especially pleasing to the eye on the background of the missing "Bang". In turn, the buttons became smaller and more flat. However, this does not affect the comfort and quality of work.

at the side, next to the rear camera power button. To enhance the sound quality of speaker grilles are on different ends of the product: two — the bottom and two — from the top.

The main feature of the Pro 11 — replace the proprietary Lightning connector universal USB Type-C, which is locally situated between the speakers. Now to the tablet you can easily attach professional video camera, camera, musical instrument, keyboard, optical mouse or any other device. They are not only synchronized with the device, but can be recharged from him in the process.

However, this unique solution has one major disadvantage. To Pro 11 you cannot connect a normal USB flash drive to transfer information. The manufacturer explains this decision as a precaution to eliminate the possibility of contamination of iPad viruses. Unfortunately, open files portable flash cards "guide" on Pro 11 will not work, as well as listen to music through headphones that connect to the 3.5 mm Jack because the usual audio jacks simply do not. It is a pity that the package didn't include adapter connector 3.5 mm USB Type-C will Have to buy "Apple" adapters for third-party manufacturers may not be suitable. It is better to use wireless headphones or buy headphones with USB C because the trend of many manufacturers facing the rejection of the classical audio jacks.

At the back of the unit, in the corner is projecting peephole camera with flash and slightly below the three-prong connector to connect the keyboard (case) and stylus Apple Pencil. On the right side of the device the manufacturer has placed two volume buttons. On the opposite side of the device is a slot for nano-Sim card.


In spite of the fact that the "Apple" device with a thickness of just 5.9 mm it seems vitalino less than the previous model, the screen size has increased slightly. Dimensions display — 247,6 mm in height and 178,5 mm in width. The aspect ratio of the updated iPad — 3:2 instead of the traditional 4:3. The screen resolution is 2388х1668 px. The density of the points — 265 ppi, so the image is as clear as possible.

When developing a bright display, Apple has used the technology of Liquid Retina in combination with the IPS panel and led background lighting. The brightness of the screen — 618 CD/m2. A good picture also provide two functions:

  • ProMotion. Increases the image refresh rate up to an incredible 120 Hz per second.
  • True Tone. Allows you to adjust the color correction for the specific lighting automatically.

With anti-glare coating on the screen, the user can easily review photos and videos and also read the text even under direct sunlight.

The device is perfect for watching movies in HDR-as in an extended colour range, as in standard space-RGB and DCI P3.

Но, что насчет эксплуатации? На экране не остается отпечатков пальцев, поскольку его поверхность имеет oleophobic coating.

If you wish, using the IPad can easily display the image on screen, plasma TV or home theater system through USB port.

The only minor disadvantage of the device — the complexity caused by the change of aspect ratio and the lack of a broad framework. Some games from the AppStore, apparently, is not optimized for different screen sizes 2:3. Because of this, you may notice black borders on the sides. On the one hand, this caveat eliminates a phantom touch. On the other, the overall impression of the game may be a little spoiled, but this disadvantage is quite kompensiruet due to the luscious pictures and the lack of lag.

OS and interface

The tablet runs on iOs operating system 12, which managed to prove its worth due to the unique personalization features of the device to the needs of the owner. Preinstalled OS includes the whole set of useful software including a basic version of Photoshop and app for fast video processing.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to understand the operation of the gadget, even the newcomers, who had no experience with Apple products.

The device supports wireless Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz). Possible high-speed connection using Bluetooth version 5.0.

The only problem with the device that his potential will need to purchase additional modern accessories — stylus, keyboard etc. Old fixtures from the Apple device is already not synchronized, but the new analogs are relatively expensive.


Model iPad 11 Pro aims to prove that tablets can compete with laptops. The device runs on the 64-bit architecture and 8 cores, 4 of which are energy-efficient, and the rest — high-performance. System-on-chip SoC the Apple А12Х Bionic created according to the process of 7 nm. Power also attached cemetery graphics accelerator. Overall, these figures indicate extremely high device performance in comparison with other tablets. Developers Apple Pro 11 working, at least 35% faster than the previous version.

Regarding the RAM, is somewhat different. The phone is available in several versions. The budget model is equipped with 4 gigabytes of RAM at a time, as the top variant with 1 terabyte of storage capacity can boast of having 6 GB of internal memory. Take a look at the test results in the benchmark AnTuTu and Geekbench 4.

In the complex technical filling allows to work simultaneously with multiple heavy applications, quickly switching from one program to another. High-performance tablet can easily cope with the powerful demanding games and demonstrates the wonders of multitasking. The assurances of experts and owners of the gadget, according to its characteristics, he broke the TOP leaders and even ahead of a powerful stuffing MacBook Pro 15. So, when converting video, iPad Pro 11 is far ahead of his opponent, coping with the assigned task in just 8 minutes at a time, as a MacBook will need at least 26.

Finally, a few words about the battery. Built-in lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 29,37 W allows you to watch videos or listen to music for 10 hours. In the periodic mode of operation of the device you can forget about the existence of the outlet.


Both built-in cameras (main and front 12 to 7 megapixels) aperture have the focus 1.8 and 2.2. With selfie camera, things are fine. It supports with features of scenic or portrait lighting. The resulting photos have maximum clarity and good color reproduction, regardless of the level of lighting, and sensors TrueDepth make it easy to blur the background and focus on the individual parts.

The main camera, rather, is designed to scan documents. Alas, as before, the tablet uncomfortable to use for photo or video. For this purpose the best is small the iPhone. With cameras you can shoot video in the increasingly popular 4K at up to 60 frames per second. Additionally available function five-time approximation, noise reduction and panorama shooting.

The key feature of the model — the existence of a stealth port Face ID next to the selfie camera, which works great both in vertical and horizontal position. With its help the user can unlock the device via face recognition.


High-quality sound with low frequencies provide four speakers at the sides. However, there is no innovation there. Apple products remains the standard of sound. At maximum volume to listen to music better in a large room or outside on the Playground. With such a nice stereo to listen to audio, watch videos, or to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

At the same time, the tablet allows you to make high-quality videos due to the presence of 4 built-in microphones (one on the top panel and three — from the front side).


We can confidently say that the iPad Pro 11 — is an innovative breakthrough in the world of computer technology. The 11-inch device, in combination with the special keyboard and stylus can replace the average laptop. Its technical characteristics are more than enough for video processing or multitasking interaction with multiple complex applications, but due to architectural features of the interface to comfortably control the device, like desktop, will not work. However, About 11 — it is a great tablet, which can be used as entertainment center. It can be used to make quality pictures and to shoot videos in 4K format.


  • Modern design;
  • Juicy 11-inch screen, giving a clear picture at any light level;
  • High performance
  • Loud clear sound;
  • Universal connector USB Type-C;
  • Fresh operating system based on iOs 12.


  • The lack of support for synchronization with third-party funded device;
  • The conditional fragility of the tablet. It is better to use a protective cover;
  • the Need to purchase additional accessories the new generation.

The tablet is About 11 — is the choice of professionals who need a reliable and versatile device to solve a specific problem. This is a full working tool which greatly simplifies the labor process in various fields. For example, the device simplifies the life of Bank officer, employee of a large warehouse, supervisor, marketer, designer or Illustrator when you also purchase latest new Apple-Pencil. As usual toys will be suitable and cheaper alternatives.

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