Overview ALLDOCUBE M5 4G Phablet: ten-inch tablet with a decent internal filling

Продукция китайских производителей становится все более популярной. Smartphone и планшеты из Поднебесной уверенно вытесняют с рынка своих более крупных конкурентов. Рост их популярности обусловлен мягкой ценовой политикой, современным внешним видом, солидным наполнением и неплохим качеством сборки. Например, еще пару лет назад бренд Xiaomi был малоизвестен широкой публике, а сейчас за новинками Mi следят пользователи во всем мире и за ними выстраиваются целые очереди.

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Quite possibly, the same success awaits the company ALLDOCUBE. Its ten-inch tablet M5 supports two SIM cards, 4G, GPS and a decent internal stuffing can safely be called one of the favorites this season.

Technical characteristics of the ALLDOCUBE tablet 4G M5

  • Screen: IPS, 2560 x 1600, 10.1 inches, 299 PPI, capacitive multi-touch (10 touch points);
  • CPU: 10-core processor MediaTek Helio X20 (MTK 6797) with a maximum frequency of 2.3 GHz, 3 cluster;
  • Graphics accelerator: ARM Mali-T880;
  • memory: 4 GB;
  • Built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • memory card Support: up to 128GB (SD card is not included);
  • Operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo;
  • Interfaces: dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz) wireless Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth: 4.2;
  • Connectivity: supports 4G LTE, FDD-LTE, GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA;
  • Slots SIM: slot for TF card slot 2 SIM cards;
  • Camera: front — 2 MP main — 5 MP (with flash light and auto focus), Face-to-Face Chat;
  • Navigacija: GPS;
  • Sensors: gravity, Accelerometer;
  • Advanced: 3.5 mm headset Jack, browser, calculator, calendar, FM, GPS, OTA, OTG;
  • Battery: 6500 mAh (5 hours of video playback);
  • dimensions: 241 x 171 mm x 8.7 mm;
  • Weight: 510 grams;
  • Available colors: silver.


The tablet is Packed in a transparent plastic bag and placed in the original box. Along with the main unit includes black power adapter, short USB cable white color and manual transmission user in two >


The first noticeable advantage of the device — a stylish modern design. With a relatively small weight (only 510 grams) tablet differs impressive size: 17,1 x 24,1 cm the thickness is only 8.7 cm the products are made of durable polycarbonate with a platinum coating and has a smooth shape with no sharp corners.

With a solid metal base nice gray color with no decals, or interface pointers. The front panel includes standard wide white frame that seems somewhat inappropriate here. The impression is that she lost part of useful space. In the center of the upper edge of the backside and the front side has two cameras: the main and front. On the front side are located the headphone Jack and USB port.

The power button and volume settings are on the right edge of the tablet. Lattice stereo speakers located on both sides of the phablet. The whole Cabinet is metal, and only a small area hidden behind a removable plastic panel. Plug is easily removed with a simple press of the hand. Under it you will see two slots for installation of two SIM-cards, and connectors for USB flash drive and microSD card.


The first thing that catches the eye — it is a big screen (10.1 inch) juicy and bright picture with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 px. Responsive multi-touch support up to 10 taps at the same time and even the function of temporarily blocking. But upon closer examination, joy gives way to some disappointment.

Display made of durable tempered glass, but it is completely devoid oleophobic coating, so it remains ugly finger marks. Problem partially solves a protective film, but she looks unpresentable, reduces sensitivity and comfort when operating.

In spite of good color reproduction, high contrast and accessible from any place the angles under bright light to use the tablet is unlikely to succeed, because the range of brightness somewhat weak. Direct sunlight has a negative impact on the quality of the picture.

OS and interface.

The tablet runs on Android 8.0 with updates. It looks stylish, without unnecessary frills. The primary setting allows you to select the desired application and understand it maybe even for an inexperienced user. A pop-up blind from any edge of the screen.

To increase functionality and improve comfort during use, manufacturers have installed the GSM module and brought to the bottom app bar for calls, chatting SMS chat, Internet access and quick access to the file repository. It is noteworthy that to take a screenshot on your device using separate buttons.


Good multitasking, smooth operation and support for the demanding applications provide powerful 10-core processor with a clock speed up to 2.3 GHz, RAM of 4 GB and a graphics accelerator Mali-T880. This pradopolis processor from the Taiwanese developer is composed of three clusters. The first cluster consists of two Cortex A72 (2.1 GHz) and is designed for complex calculations. The second — posted 4 Cortex A53 low power consumption and maximum frequency (1,85 GHz) for multithreaded tasks. Third — same as the second, but works at low frequencies (1.4 GHz), which also has a positive effect on conserve.

During the execution of operations as required, switching between the cores occurs in the dynamic mode, the algorithm works in such a way as to achieve the optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

To store the personal data provided 64 GB of internal memory, but space is easily increased by the use of microSD card. You can use your tablet as a gaming platform (at minimum or medium settings), as well as to enjoy viewing movies in good quality and surround sound up to 5 hours of continuous playback without connecting to the mains.

This is facilitated by a powerful battery 6500 mA/h, Thanks to good hardware and high graphics run without hangs even heavy games like Asphalt Extreme.


Phablet has two cameras. Front at 2 MP is located at the center of a wide side of the device. The main camera on the back has a more high quality and additionally equipped with a flash. 5 MP is enough to have good photos and videos.

In General, the apparatus can be used for video, but to make high-quality pictures with a detailed pixelation or video with sharp focus frame will not work. In addition, to keep overall the tablet in his hands is not as convenient as a more compact smartphone. I do not know how this can generally be attributed to negative, because shooting with cameras tablet photos/videos is bad form. In the premium tablet class sometimes build a decent camera, but usually such devices don't use them at full. Their main purpose for video calls Skype, Viber video calls, fixing a photo or video report, send the document to my colleagues…


Unquestionable advantage of the device — stereo speakers. When watching movies they provide a rich surround sound experience. But for the games of the positioning of the speakers is extremely inconvenient: the palm block them, and the sound is muted. In this case, have to use the headphones with 3.5 mm Jack.


  • The big screen;
  • Comfortable keyboard; decent size;
  • Good performance;
  • Support for multi-tasking;


  • Lack of screen brightness (only 190 lux);
  • the Lack of oleophobic coating;
  • camera (if it can be attributed to negative)

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Summarizing. M5 — is the perfect choice for adherents of the major mobile devices and people with poor eyesight. Use tabletom most comfortable at home. It can be used as a mini PC for watching movies, TV series and movies, chatting with friends, and other activities.

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