What is the gyro in the smartphone and why is it needed?

Many interesting features and sensors equipped with smartphones and other mobile devices. One of the leading modules is a gyro sensor or a gyroscope. Outlandish new device, based on microelectromechanical systems have made great strides in improving the functionality and have gained much sympathy among users. The origin of the word «gyro» has a long history. It stands for the phrase «circle» and «watch».

The ancestor of ancient Greek sayings was a French physicist Leon Foucault. In the nineteenth century he was engaged in the study of the daily rotation of the Earth, and this term came up for the new device handy. The gyroscopes used by airlines, shipping, aerospace. Apple, the manufacturer of modern mobile phones, the first have a basis for this functionality and have implemented it in the iPhone 4. Despite the fact that the video below is in English, demonstration of the technology, from Steve jobs understood without translation.

Now, in order to answer incoming calls or flip through the pages of e-book, just shake the phone. At the expense of the device quickly reviewed the photos and other images, changing the music. New app the smartphone iPone called CoveFlow allowed to use a calculator. Now easily execute functions such as division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. When you rotate the phone 90°, this function automatically switches to the expanded functionality with many complex mathematical operations.

Along with lightweight features the developers have implemented a more complicated software. For example, in some operating systems by using shaking the phone starts the update for Bluetooth or runs specific program on the measurement of angles of slope and level. Gyro perfectly takes into account travel speed, and determines the location of a person on unfamiliar terrain.

From a technical point of view, the gyroscope is a fairly complex device. During its development, took the working principle of an accelerometer which consists of a flask with a spring and the load inside. On one side of the spring is fixed to the load, and the second side of the spring fixed to the damper for damping vibrations. With shaking (acceleration) of the measuring device attached mass moves and leads to tension the spring.

Such fluctuations can be represented in the form of data. If you place three perpendicular accelerometer, you can get an idea of how the subject is in the space. Because technically to have such a bulky measuring device in the smartphone is not possible, the principle of operation left the same, but the burden was replaced with an inert mass, which is located in a very small chip. When accelerating, changing the position of the inertial mass and therefore the calculated position of the smartphone in space.

With the help of GPS navigation, the screen shows a map, which records the same direction of the objects at any turn of the body. In other words, if you turned to face the river, it will automatically appear on the map. When you turn 180 degrees to the pond instantly the same changes on the monitor. Using this feature simplifies the orientation of the terrain. This is especially important for people engaged in active types of recreation.

Through accurate recording of the velocity of smartphone management becomes more convenient and harmonious. Often use the gyroscope for Android gamers — gamers. Unique device in device lightning turns the pictures into reality. Especially the most likely be racing, simulation, shooting games, Pokemon Go.

It is enough to change the position of the smartphone and the speed of rotation, the drive the virtual car will seem real. Heroes on display will definitely send the gun, aimed the gun, turned the wheel, will lift in air the helicopter, kill the enemy. Pocket monsters won't jump on the virtual grass, and will move to the real world in the visible region of the built-in camera.

Of course, this is not the whole list of positive characteristics, inherent to Android phones and the iPhone. To enumerate pleasant and comfortable moments can be infinite. However, not all users appreciate the universal quality appreciated. Some chose to abandon the gyroscope in the new smartphone, others simply turned it off. And there is a good reason.
Among the numerous advantages, there are subtle disadvantages.

  1. From the weak point of the installation of individual applications, reacting with a slight delay to changes of positions in space. It seems a mere trifle, but the presence of this sensor gives some inconvenience to the user of the smartphone. Especially noticeable faults while reading e-books lying down. Reading changes the posture, at the same time associated with the device the gyro sensor changes the position of the page. Has to urgently reconfigure its orientation.
  2. The smartphone manufacturers on their presentations, in most cases, are silent about the presence of important sensor. When buying a new model the presence of a gyroscope can be detected in the specifications of the gadget in the list of sensors. There are other ways, for example, to install the YouTube client that allows you to quickly set the functionality. The use of the application AnTuTu Benchmark, Sensor Sense also installs built-in gyro sensor or the lack of it.

Modern smartphone works on a regular basis. It is an independent sensor that does not require calibration. It does not need to enable or disable. Automatics will do the job for you. If the device is not present, you will not be able to play in virtual reality. You just have to buy a new phone with built-in functions.

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