Monitors LG: an overview of the characteristics for the best selection

Monitors LG are the five most popular products in this category. From the screens of other brands, they differ in the range of characteristics, and that quickly implement new developments. Because of this, the buyer in the framework of the brand can choose the classic model with standard characteristics and to acquire new.

The majority of buyers when purchasing the screen focuses on those characteristics that positions virtually all of the brands in advertising campaigns — diagonal, display resolution and type of matrix. During use there is a lot of nuances. And it turns out that it was necessary to take into account the availability of ports, their number and screen coating.

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selection Criteria of monitors LG.

As a rule, when you select any monitor you need to pay attention to the angle, the uniformity of illumination, the depth of black color, refresh rate, response time and matrix type. The model has good technical characteristics and are leaders in its price segment. Therefore, we will concentrate your attention only on such nuances.

Ports for video. If you plan to connect to the smartphone, the tablet should have a HDMI port (MHL). For example, it is 24MP58D models LG-P LG 24UD58-B. HDMI Connector without any additional abbreviations needed to get a high quality picture if you connect the satellite antenna cable digital television. If you have other specific needs connected to the periphery, mention them.

Ports for audio. Not all models have headphone output. If in the room with you someone else lives and you're going to play games, then on this criterion should pay attention. Characteristic for monitors LG 27UD58-B and 24MP59G-P. Much easier to plug in headphones to the monitor than to the system unit, which is somewhere at the bottom — no need to worry about the length of the wire.

Built-in speakers. Their availability on the LG monitor will allow you to save some space on my computer Desk. Presented in the screens LG 29UM69G-B and 27UD69P-W. Model LG 29UM69G-B has a matrix with a response time of 1 MS, supports AMD FREESYNC and not by hearsay knows about the dynamic mode synchronization and stabilization of the black.

Pivot — function screen which can be swivelled horizontally and vertically. Its presence is important for those who work professionally in the graphic editors, engaged in drawing. If the monitor is needed for work, think about the relevance of this function and look at the models 27UD88 LG-W LG 24GM79G-B.

The curved screen. Buy this monitor makes sense in one case — the user is important to the feeling of complete immersion in what is happening. And the more diagonal, the better to get a picture. The diagonal of such monitors in the line LG — 29 to 34 inches, model LG 34UC79G-B and 29UM59-P.

The screen — it is also important to decide at first. Matte does not reflect sunlight, but users with good vision can see some grainy images. This is the norm — "crystalline" effect. Glossy surface in recent time cover the anti-glare film. Image quality on the glossy surface better. But to look after him more carefully than matte.

Fortunately, in the lines of monitors, LG has different models. So it is easy to find a product with the desired characteristics and not to deny myself the pleasure to acquire equipment favourite brand.

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