a Universal set of programs for work with multimedia from Movavi

If you frequently convert files, create videos, record video from the screen, listen to music, you may want to pay attention to the set of programs that combines the most necessary tools.

So, Movavi Video Suite includes a program to create a video about the possibilities which we have already told in one of the articles and many other modules. The software package can be download here: www.movavi.ru/suite/

Ultra-fast multimedia Converter is one of the most used programs in the set. It is possible to work with files in more than 180 media formats. Among them are MP4, AVI, MOV, MV4, MKV, SWF, MP3, OGG, FLAC, JPG, GIF, and many others.

The program also provides profiles for popular smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android, TVs and even gaming consoles – just plug in your device to the computer or manually find it in the list. High conversion speed due to hardware acceleration support for Intel, NVIDIA technologies, as well as SuperSpeed mode – changing format without re-encoding the video stream.

a Program to record the screen will allow you to save any online video and audio conversations in Skype, and action programs in high quality. The record then can be processed in the editor and turn it into a learning lesson or a story for the blog. Frequency up to 60 frames per second ensures smooth capture any streaming video.

A demonstration of keystrokes and the cursor will facilitate the creation of tutorials, and a timer for delayed recording will help to keep the online broadcast, running at inconvenient times. In parallel and record video from webcam and sounds from different sources simultaneously.

Capture with camera and microphone can be maintained separately. To do this, connect your device and open the appropriate utility.

is is a compact media player where you can watch the videos (including those created or recorded from the screen) and listen to music. The convenience of the player is that you can easily create playlists, and customize videos directly in the preview window – change color settings and aspect ratio, add subtitles.

You what you can do with other programs that are part of the Movavi Video Suite:

  • to cut the video into several clips
  • create a slide show
  • to publish photos and videos online
  • to burn files to CD, DVD or Blu-ray

The program also offers a free trial subscription to a collection of film clips, tunes and images to your videos.

To summarize, I will just say that Movavi Video Suite do includes the necessary programs to work with multimedia, whether video, audio or image. Plus, they're all easy to use and suitable even for those who have never tried to edit video, convert the files or burn the screen.

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