Security Windows using the program Shadow Defender

Absolute protection Windows is possible with the program Shadow Defender. It will save You from entering your computer of all kinds of virus and malware. In recent times users complain that after traveling across the expanses of the Internet in the computer to notice changes for the worse. For example, inadvertently altered the settings of the computer, constantly pop up any pornobande randomly open various browser Windows, not run programs or computer at all blocked Internet scams that require money from you via SMS.

By the way, how to remove banner extortionist I wrote here. Of course there are times when we unwittingly violate the correct operation of the system, installing any third party software or driver. The program will be very useful if your computers are not advanced users, after which everything needs to be tidy or You just need to test the program without cluttering up with useless entries with your Windows registry.

It is safe to enter the site or forum with the virus, to test and make changes to the local development of the site, to experiment with system files and make some changes in her work… All this is possible with a great program Shadow Defender, which will create a virtual snapshot in this hard drive you will continue to work. After this transformation you will not be afraid no virus attack, no removal from the protected area any information. Because after you restart the computer everything will return to normal. Of course, there are other ways to protect your computer, but it will exceed your expectations.

the Program Shadow Defender will put your Windows system in shadow mode with selective saving of data that will help to prevent the loss of important information and protect your operating system from penetration of different kinds of virus. To date, the program is compatible only with all versions of Windows operating system (XP/7/8). I should say that this program is paid, but in the trial mode of Shadow Defender will last 30-days.

to Download the latest version of Shadow Defender on the official website of.

To Russify Shadow Defender, you need to download for its version of the program on the official website of the Russian pack (res file.ini). You only have to move the res file.ini replace in the folder where you installed Shadow Defender. Now the program understands Russian >

How to use Shadow Defender.

— Конфигурация. Я думаю here все понятно, скажу только что обязательно отметьте пункт «Оповещать о нехватке свободного места» иначе если зарезервированного места не хватит Shadow Defender будет работать неправильно, а значит есть риск потерять важную информацию. Кликнув на кнопочку «Больше информации» вы можете увеличить или уменьшить зарезервированную область для каждого раздела жесткого диска. Очень важно, чтобы свободного места программе хватало…

— Save. A very useful option, which is designed to save a file or folder when you are in protected mode. For example, You have enabled protected mode for all sections of Winchester and went for a walk on the Internet. Walked, walked and suddenly you find what you were looking for.

Download the file to your hard drive, but in order for the file left after you exit the protected mode, you need to add it using the option «Save», choose the file and click «Make». Now downloaded or modified file (If you changed any file, it will continue in a modified form) after exiting protected mode will remain on the hard drive.

— Exceptions. The program is very good has a function of storing the changed contents in the folders and files in the exceptions list. Adding a folder or file to the exceptions list, all changes to this folder upon completion, Shadow Defender will be saved. In other words: you zarenee make the program the folders and files that will change.

— Settings. The most important option in this program. In the settings you can choose which section to be in protected mode and what actions to perform on exit from protection. Possible with full protection of your computer, if you check all areas of the hard drive. The program features a number of action to exit mode:

— Disable protected mode and restart your PC.

— Disable protected mode and shut down your PC.

— to Remain in protected mode after reboot.

— the Status of the system. Information option, where you can see which sections are working in protected mode, capacity, how much space is occupied on partition and how much free, how many places were taken by the Shadow Defender exclusion list.

As you can see the program is not interchangeable in the conduct of online business and can save You a decent amount of money. In General, it will be useful not only Internet businessman, but any curious and not very user. In my opinion it's just a great program to protect your computer on the Internet, all kinds of tests and safe walking network… It is a reliable protection of your computer on the Internet.

In conclusion, I suggest you to watch a video about the program Shadow Defender from a popular Internet entrepreneur Evgeny Popov.

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