How to configure Internet on your computer through the LAN cable without a router

Many of the active users of the global network of the device stuck in the house, but in some cases you need to configure the Internet on your computer via LAN cable, bypassing the router. That is, when the cable ISP directly inserted into the computer's Ethernet card. However, if you are connected to the ISP via the modem configured in transparent bridge mode (bridge), are also suitable instructions for the direct connection of a computer running Windows 10 to the Internet.

Computers running the Windows operating system (7 and 8) of the previous generations are set up similarly. Conditionally provide access to global network providers can be divided into dynamic and static connection. In the first case, getting «IP address», «subnet Mask» and «gateway» is performed automatically, and in the second it is necessary to register in the relevant fields referred to the access settings specified by your provider in the concluded with it the contract.

Many companies provide dynamic and static access, but there are major players (Rostelecom, TTK, MTS) use a PPPoE connection by entering the user name and password. Many ISPs to set up Internet on the computer sending to the client a wizard that will perform all the necessary actions. However, not all providers quickly process applications, and not all masters have a challenge, and not to wait for hours and sometimes days on end, you can configure the Internet connection itself.

Dynamic and static Internet connection on the computer.

To configure direct access to the Internet on your computer, simply insert the previously comparing LAN cable Internet provider plug RJ-45 in the Ethernet port of the PC. After click right click the icon «start» and in the context menu, select «Network connections».

In the newly opened window, choose the «Ethernet» adapter (since we are connected via cable), click on it with right mouse button and from the drop down menu select «Properties».

Next, you need to select the Protocol «Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)» and click on «Properties». In the next window we will configure the IP settings.

a Dynamic IP. I already mentioned above that if your ISP provides dynamic access to a global network, all the necessary parameters for Internet access you will receive automatically. So that the connection is held, you need to IP address and DNS server address stood in the mode — to automatically. By default, these parameters exhibited exactly and there's no need to change.

Static IP. To configure this type of connection involves the manual task of the parameters specified in the contract provider. I mean, you need the appropriate fields to register the selected «IP address», «subnet Mask», «gateway» and «Preferred and alternate DNS server». For example, the fields might look like this:

  1. IP address: specify a fixed IP address;
  2. and the subnet Mask is determined automatically (;
  3. the default gateway specified in the contract. When connecting through the modem, write its IP address (usually
  4. Use the following DNS servers: specify the recommended provider. If they are not supplied, you can use the generic. For example, in each row of the first include the preferred and second alternate DNS server.

Google Public DNS: and;
Yandex DNS (antivirus, Safe): and;
Yandex DNS (No pornography, Family): and;

As you see, it's the DNS server affect access to a particular website. So, if necessary, for example, you can block access to adult sites specifying the appropriate server. After making all necessary settings, click on the «Ok». After that, the tray icon «Internet Access» will be active and you will be able to go to the global network.

To configure Internet connection (PPPoE) on Windows 10.

If the Ethernet port of the computer directly inserted into the LAN cable of the ISP and to connect to the Internet you need to enter a username and password, you should create a PPPoE connection. To configure you need to pass in «start» -> «Options» -> «Network and Internet» -> «Ethernet» -> «control Center network and sharing». Click on «Create and configure a new connection or network».

Next you need to select the first item responsible for setting up broadband or dial-up connection to the Internet and click «Next».

In the next window, select the connection type. Since we set up the Internet on the computer directly to the ISP (without participation of network devices), then we choose «Broadband (PPPoE)», and if we have set up the Internet via 3G/4G modem, then we would need to choose «Switching».

In the last window, enter the username and password given to you by your service provider and give a name to the created connection. If you check the box next to the item «Allow people to use this connection with other users», you will discover access to a global network of other accounts, if you have them of course.

That is, if on your computer, for example, each family member created an account, you are free to allow or deny access to the Internet through the connection you created.

After filling in all the fields, click «Connect».

If the connection to the ISP installed and you have entered the correct username and password, then after a short check of the data entered, the connection will be created.

If you have any problems, let us discuss and decide them in the comments together. While!

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