How to check your computer's RAM for errors

Faults in the hardware of the computer may occur for a variety of reasons, and our task is to determine the component part is causing the failures and replace, and repair the culprit. Failures in the operation of the computer may occur not only at fault components, but due to the not proper operating system maintenance, improper acceleration and other things. But, if you are faced with a blue screen of death, freezing and random restarting of the computer, check your computer's RAM for errors in memory blocks.

For the test with the memory blocks, I recommend to use the program Memtest 86+, which is part of a multiboot disk and operates under MS-DOS. Just download the image from system utilities to burn a bootable disk or USB stick (using, for example, the program Rufus) and boot from the created media. In addition, program [urlspan]Memtest 86+[/urlspan] you can download from official website and burn it to media.

ISO the program can be recorded, for example, on disc one of the previously described programs.

To rule out the influence of various background applications to work programs, always recommend to test RAM and hard drive from DOS.

As the experience of blue crane of death most often occurs because of RAM. So first of all check her out.

Test of RAM in the Memtest 86+.

I assume you have already downloaded the program or multiboot disc, recorded media (disk or USB flash drive), rebooted the computer and as the first boot device, chose the created disc or USB drive. After the launch will begin testing the RAM. Let's analyze the points with the interface.

Pass — prohod. A single pass includes 9 tests. The screenshot below shows that now runs 4 test (data movement, an arbitrary record…). That is currently running different kinds of tests that make it possible to determine the faulty RAM. The Test above tells about how much percentage of the current test. That is test No. 4 is made by just 1%, and full bore 8%.

As soon as all 9 tests will be executed (currently have 4), then the program will consider it for the full pass and the Pass point will have a value of 100%. Special attention should be paid to the lower field where there are columns Pass and Errors. At this stage the program has not found not one error since there has never been a complete pass.

If the end of the tests, errors will not be discovered, at the bottom of the software interface you will see Pass complete, no errors, press Esc to exit, which suggests that a full pass is made and no errors were found — press ESC to exit.

And if there are errors, the Errors column will already have values not equal to zero and red below highlights the faulty memory cells.

The testing time depends on the amount of RAM installed in the computer and may take several hours. It is desirable that the software was able to perform at least 8 passes. Keep in mind that the more the program will do the aisles, the more reliable will be the information collected.

At least Memtest 86+ is considered a leader in its niche, but still there were cases that it did not find invalid memory cells (however, a malfunction are unable to identify and in the service center). But 100% result can not give any one program, and Memtest 86+ during its existence proved to be very good. So easy but not fast, you can check the RAM for errors. I hope you have good tests!

If you found an error, please highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter.