How to choose a USB flash drive with high speed and reliable memory

Very often on the forums many people ask about how to choose a USB flash drive and what options you should pay attention to the purchased USB drive was a long and share large multimedia data without delay. As you know nothing in this world is not perfect, but there are still some technical issues which is worth a stop to make the right choice. Not surprisingly, a large assortment of USB drives, people often get lost and don't know which stick to choose for daily use.

As a rule, inexperienced buyers in the store turn their attention to modern design and the size of the USB drive and very rarely look at such specifications as the interface, the speed of reading and writing data. Let us work together in order analyze all the main points and decide which flash drive to choose for storing information.

Manufacturers of flash drives.

In the information flow of the Internet which only manufacturers do not meet, and each of them has a fan. Personally, I have deserved the trust of manufacturers such as Adata and Kingston. Both of these companies have long established themselves as a reliable manufacturer of USB flash drives. Adata on the official website to post information about the speed of read and write for fast USB flash drives.

Kingston free provides document DTFamily_RU.pdf which clearly outlined the speed of your drives. A paper describing the latest developments of the flash drives from time to time updated.

Of course there are other worthy manufacturers such as Apacer, Silicon Power, Corsair, Transcend, TeamGroup, Sandisk, Lexar. Each buyer has its own leaders, but relying on the brand, I think it is not worth it. Somehow each manufacturer has quality or lower-quality products that can operate for years or at the most opportune time to fail.

, Depending on the series, the speed of reading or writing can be very different. However, time-tested companies deserve trust because honest attitude to the customer and the big share of probability of a long work media.

Some complain about the Chinese fakes, they say because of the cheap components and poor soldering, they are easily damaged. Indeed, the counterfeiting of brands with mangled names from China pair disappoint us, but it is fair to say that meets a pretty high quality products. Because quality Chinese stick while rare, it is better to give preference to the side you liked famous brands.

the Optimal amount of stick.

As a rule, the amount of memory the flash drive indicate on the packaging or casing of each model. Usually in this issue people are guided by the concept, the more the better, but from the point of view of economy, this method is not always relevant. I mean, if you really need super portability, high volume storage information and do not limit the finances, then why not, but if urgent need in size and volume and not want anything to save, it is best to approach the choice of the stick or constructive to look towards external hard drive.

For example, a USB flash drive with capacity of 128 GB (Gigabytes) very often at a price comparable to hard disk drive capacity of 1 TB (Terabyte). Of course, the principle of operation of these devices is different, but if you have no desire to buy the drive with aluminum or glass plates coated with a layer of ferromagnetic material, and finances are not tight, then you can look at to an expensive SDD-drives. However, if you need is a stick, then my preferences they are nominally in the ratio of the volume could be split something like this:

  • from 4 to 16GB, small, but cheap;
  • from 16 to 64GB, less quality and at a tolerable price;
  • from 128GB, for a specific purpose at an inflated price.

This is my Association flash drives :). In my view the optimal amount the stick needs to come from goals, but… it just So happened that flash drives with large capacity are sold at a higher price and not always justified for the first batch with the new volume. Manufacturers compete among themselves and to quickly prove to the market first often test their models do not properly and sent to the sale «raw».

Speed read and write USB flash drive.

Unlike memory high-speed USB flash drive very often on the packaging does not indicate, respectively, evaluate the purchase is not always possible. But some conscientious manufacturers still provide such data. Usually, the data on high-speed characteristics on the package of flash cards (described here the flash), and USB flash drives (read here on the principle of operation and device USB stick) denote the special rating of 200x, where x = 200 KB/s. That is to say the speed in this example will be 30 MB/c.

Rating/Multiplier (X)Speed (MB/s)Class SDHC

I Should say that it is in relation to reading speed and writing speed is not normally indicate and get to know her in reality, you can only after special testing. Often the write speed of the cheap stick in half of the reading speed. It's a pretty significant difference.

Есть great site where you can see the test results of USB flash drives from different manufacturers and of different volumes. In addition, it provides the results of the last tested flash drives. I think this information will help you navigate the world of removable flash storage. In General, the speed characteristics of the drives depend on the installed flash memory and controller, but the ordinary user to find this information it is impossible or quite difficult.

Unfortunately, sometimes the claimed speed performance of cheap flash drives are not true because of the low quality, but in expensive high-speed components and can stick to anything. However, in a relatively cheap usually used MLC, TLC or TLC-DDR-memory and high-speed in addition to used DDR MLC-MLC or SLC memory. It is not surprising that the stick is USB 3.0 backward compatible with USB 2.0, but you need to remember that to copy large and memory-intensive files for the speed you will be able when used with a USB 3.0 port.

For example, the drive with high performance, which provides read speed up to 260 MB/s and write speed up to 240 MB/s allows you to copy 1000 photos or full-length film in seconds.

 Additional functions flash drive.

Additional features of the stick with one hand marketing, but on the other hand useful «bun». What additional software is not. For example, access to information on the fingerprint (called biometrics), data compression to increase storage density of data, an application to create a protective area with access via a password and so on. A lot of producers in our days supply their offspring with different kinds of software designed to maintain confidentiality and to facilitate the consumers life.

All these software chips very often don't bear any benefit, but rather make the flash drive. In fact, rarely worthwhile and necessary software. These promising labels on the packaging of necessary and useful FOR often just a publicity stunt and nothing more. For all these additional options you have to pay, so decide for yourself what you really need from all this diversity.

Define the body of the stick.

it would Seem that nothing difficult in the choice of case is, however, some things still worth considering. There are several types of USB connectors:

  • public connector (no protection) — this type of connector is usually found on the smaller flash drives. Of course it is very convenient to carry a memory drive is small in size, but due to the lack of protection contact plates of the connector can cause scratching, which can lead to premature drive failure.
  • with a removable cap — the most popular and practical type of protection connector. The caps are made of rubber, plastic… Use of rubber allows to fix the cap without clips and it is better to protect the connector from moisture and dust. Despite the fact that the cap can be lost, it is best to protect the connector flash from physical impacts.
  • скобка — the design consists of a body and shackle, which is fixed on the outside and can be rotated from side to side, which gives the possibility in a certain position to cover the USB connector. This construction has very low protection against external factors and also clamp fixed is not very reliable.
  • слайдер — in this case the connector is hidden inside and is retrieved from there by using the moving keys. The disadvantage is that it may break the latch that holds the connector in the extended position and is already using the drive with a broken physical function is difficult. In addition, the connector, though, and hides in the body, but is not sufficient protection from dust and moisture, as the contacts remain open.

The housing for the stick is made from metal and plastic and sometimes apply a system of protection from external influences in the form of rubber. Due to the tight fit rubber housing, moisture and dust does not get inside.

Sometimes the case itself is made of rubber to protect the inner components of the drive not only from dust and moisture, but also from excessive impact. It should be said that such housing is almost never withstand the test fracture. It is desirable that the rubber protection system was based on a rigid body. No matter what kind of protection can save you important data if you drop the USB flash drive in water or with a relatively great height. By the way, sometimes embed in the body of USB flash drive led status use.

Instead of conclusions. In the final part of the paper I will give you some basic tips and recommendations on how to choose a USB drive. Before you buy a flash drive decide in advance what technical characteristics it must have to easily perform your tasks and sometimes to save time. I mean what should be its speed and capacity. Be sure to choose a brand that you can trust and don't buy USB drives manufacturers questionable (accessories in the form of trinkets).

View the specification on the official website of the company and making a choice of the stick comes from it. It is advisable to choose a few models with the required parameters and to compare them with the same flash drive for the price on the website from other manufacturers. This approach will help you to correctly determine the parameters and additional functions before purchase and to save a certain amount of money.

If you have something to add or an article you want to share their experience on the choice of the stick, then invite comments.

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