How to make a screenshot on a computer or laptop with Windows

All users of computers and laptops at some point in time face certain issues and difficulties in their work. In search of a solution to the question in a social group, forum or website is not at all impossible to correctly describe the nature of your problem and as a consequence get the same answers. To formulate the question more precisely for novice users is very difficult and how to make a screenshot on computer and laptop, they also do not know.

And it was a screenshot attached to the review, has helped many of us to quickly receive competent answers to their questions. In combination with text, a screenshot (Screenshot — the crane) helps to convey to the reader the semantic and visual information.

To make a screen shot in Windows operating system can be built-in or third-party software. By the way, do Screenshot on a smartphone or tablet running Android without installing additional apps.

the screen using the Print Screen and Microsoft Paint.

The company Maicrosoft in all current Windows operating systems have provided a simple and quick possibility to create snapshots without using specialized programs. To take a screenshot on a stationary computer, on the keyboard press «Print Screen».

It should be said that some manufacturers of keyboards writing on the key short name «Prt Sc» or «Prnt Screen». And some manufacturers of mobile devices (laptops, netbooks) equate it to the family functional. That is to say, to take a picture, you may have to use the key combination «Fn» + «Print Screen».

After you press a special key, the screenshot will be placed in the clipboard for further use.

If you want to take a screenshot not of the whole screen area, but only a certain window, then click on the necessary window with the left mouse button to make it active and press Alt+PrintScreen.

As the to be in «intermediate» state, then you can paste it using the shortcut key «Ctrl» + «V» the program «Word», «Photoshop» (or use them in click «Insert») … For example, on your computer, I will make a screenshot of the active window with the images for the site and will insert the captured image into the built-in Windows Paint.

If needed, in the editor you can put on the some information and save the result.

To do this, click on «File» -> «Save as», and select a suitable format. I most often different editors for the end result using popular formats of JPG, PNG and GIF.

The on-screen scissors in the Windows operating system.

Is a built-in tool is a kind of alternative to the above method, which is very convenient to use on laptop and other mobile devices running Windows. «on-Screen scissors» present in all popular to date versions of the Microsoft operating system. You may launch the utility by typing in the search box the word «Scissors» and then select the same tool.

This will open a window where you need to click on «New» (with scissors). The screen will be slightly dim and the cursor changes to a cross. It remains to highlight the active window or screen the who want to. If you wish, you can apply to the image of the graphical information in arrow or send the image via email by clicking on the icon of the envelope.

To save the captured image, click on «File» -> «Save as». The functionality of this editor does not possess, but it is simple and rational. We looked at ways to create screen shots using the built-in utilities, and now for third-party solutions.

The alternative program for creating screenshots.

Usually a third-party program for taking screenshots from your computer monitor or laptop, unlike the built-in Windows more functional and much more comfortable for everyday use. But if you are from time to time to do screen shots, it makes no sense to install additional programs, and it is better to use the ready decision from Microsoft or click «Print Screen».

however, in third-party products is also activated button «Print Screen», but in addition it uses keyboard shortcuts to capture fixed rectangular and arbitrary region, Windows, scrolling, full screen… A program for taking screenshots from the screen are classified as paid, but there is a decent free solution, though in very limited quantities.

Lightshot. Is easy and convenient to use program with a nice interface, Russian, which after installation is located in the system tray on the taskbar. Utility that lets you instantly take a screenshot and put the arrow, line, rectangle, text, color or highlight the desired site marker.

Also the resulting image can be poured on a special server and get a unique link or share it on social networks. This versatile tool is available for Windows and Mac. Besides Here you can download in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera as an extension.

Screen Capture. A free utility to create a snapshot of the computer screen or laptop. The program has Russian interface and allows you to save the photos in BMP, JPG, PNG and adjust image quality output from the last two.

You have the option with just one click to place an image on the web and, if necessary, to comment on the. She is great for everyday work, has a history of creating screenshots, configuration, specify a directory to save the resulting image.

Yandex Disk. for many years, using cloud storage from Mail and Yandex Disk. The latter gives the opportunity to connect the cloud as a network drive (technology WebDAV) and offers to install a small free utility for creating screenshots and subsequent loading to the network cloud by getting links.

I occasionally use it because of the colorful and beautiful arrows, wavy lines, shapes and direct way to send a snapshot to the cloud. Here convenient the Russian-speaking editor with a minimal set of tools.

Fast Stone Capture. Despite the fact that he paid exactly the tool I'm using lately. In the Arsenal of this program is: capture window, object, full screen, the scrolling Windows (for example, all the downloaded web pages) as well as rectangular, and fixed region. In addition, there is a magnifier, eyedropper, ruler, and the ability to record videos, and convert image in PDF format.

Is a Russian >PicPic, but it is Fast Stone Capture seemed to be far more comfortable, functional and compact.

Snagit. Many people I know use this program to do the job and if I didn't use Fast Stone Capture, you have used it. Intuitive program with the Russian interface with a large set of functions not only for removing the image from the computer screen, laptop and the subsequent processing of the obtained images, but also video recording. In fact it is a multimedia processor with an enormous possibilities in which the option of recognition of printed text.

I mean you can get the text, not amenable to copying, make a screenshot which content exceeds its dimensions, activate the modules for automatic processing and saving the screenshot, grab the magnifier selected area with pixel precision, to copy the image to the clipboard, send by email or print…

In the editor there are brushes, stamps, dispensers, pencil, lines, arrows, geometric shapes, pipette to capture colors, figure selection of an image. Possibilities of Snagit huge. Certainly there are other programs for taking screenshots such as Hardcopy, Skitch, Monosnap, Jet Screenshot, Joxi, and others, but it is described in the article tools for a number of reasons closest to me.

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