Test monitor program PassMark MonitorTest

If You need to run a test monitor and to appreciate his work quality, I recommend to pay attention to the program PassMark MonitorTest. The utility will sequentially generates test patterns on the monitor screen at different resolutions and color depth. The developers of this program claim that on the basis of such a test can pick the optimal settings monitor and maintain the health of their eyes. The program can test and evaluate the quality of CRT, LCD and plasma monitors.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) — LCD monitors (flat panel display based on liquid crystals).

A TFT (Thin Film Trnsistor) — a variety of liquid crystal display (thin film transistor).

PDP (Plasma Panel Вisplay) — plasma monitors (between the two glass surfaces, the inert gas is argon or neon).

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) — monitors based on cathode ray tube (already retired).

I think you understand that to neglect this monitor testing unnecessary, especially if you work long hours at the computer.

Is correctly configured and the monitor can reduce eye strain.

Monitor — a very important digital device we have to communicate for long hours. Someone is making money on the Internet, and someone just having fun at the computer. And both of you need to follow the vision and do exercises for the eyes.

Therefore, dear colleagues, the guys way novice Internet businessman or working in the office staff, pay special attention to your monitor and find the optimal settings for it. This way you will preserve the health of their eyes for many years. Agree nobody wants to join the ranks of those who have lost their health trying to make money, and then lost all the money trying to restore their health.

Keep in mind that a properly selected and configured the monitor reduces the strain on Your eyes. And creating small breaks at the computer (not to forget to take a break, you can install Workrave) and doing exercises for the eyes you will significantly reduce the risk of developing myopia.

If you are a blogger, copywriter, employee, office or business and you have to work with the text on the LCD monitor, try to reduce the brightness and contrast, so you can avoid undue stress to their eyes. After working an hour or two on a bright LCD with texts, you risk very much to get tired. At the same time, if you work with graphics and rest you away from games that require high levels of brightness and contrast. So don't forget about the proper color settings of the monitor — sometimes for these purposes, the package includes special software and standard colour samples.

Formally speaking, the LCD - and CRT-of Montoro there are some «congenital» drawbacks. So, the old CRT is not always all good with the geometry of the screen, and LCD's there are so-called «broken» pixel and sometimes they are too inertial (in the new generations, this drawback is less relevant), that is, moving objects on the monitor, there is a trail. To check the quality and choose the optimal settings for LCD, PDP or CRT (older models) the monitor, you can use Passmark MonitorTest program. The program works under the operating system Windows Xp/7 (32/64-bit).

to Download the program Passmark MonitorTest from the official website.

I should say that the program for the test monitor is free, but in free mode it will work for 30 days. In the registered version of the program will be broader. Regardless of the registration of the software to perform the actual testing for a touchscreen monitor Touch screen tests-Touch screen test (touch screen test) is possible only on the Windows 7 operating system. In the composition of the classical tests for the selection of optimal settings of the monitor has the ability to check LCD monitor for dead pixels.

Tests for optimal settings of the monitor.

The main program window PassMark MonitorTest displays information about the monitor, video card and contains tools to manage the tests. Group settings «Video Info» provides information about the video card and the monitor. I think, you without difficulty will be able to interpret this information. Much more interesting for you and the group «Test config».

List «Select video mode» are intended to select a video mode that will be tested. List «Select test» allows you to select all or required one test of the monitor. The program is available a considerable number of tests on which I briefly describe below.

So, by choosing the parameter «All Tests» list «Select test» you run all the tests sequentially, to start the test press the «Start». If you comprehensive testing of the monitor is not necessary, then you can choose from the dropdown list one specific type of test.

the Most basic test «Master Screen» are intended to assess the overall quality of the monitor and optimal settings.

The circumference, which on this screen 4, must be perfectly round, without strain and without turning them into ovals. However on monitors with aspect ratio 4 :3, small circles can be slightly oval. On the outer edge of the image there is a border consisting of black and white squares. If part of the border goes outside of the screen or between the screen edge and the border is visible empty space — this means that the monitor needs to adjust the size or position of the image.

Four areas of alternating white and black stripes on the edges of a large circle have a pitch of 1 pixel (upper left), pixel 2 (lower left), 3 pixel (top right), 4 pixel (right bottom). You should clearly see the individual strips even on a single-pixel grid. If the grid is not displayed as a grid, and as the area filled in grey, you may need to set lower resolution for your monitor. Well, if docpixel lattice details indistinguishable and changing the resolution doesn't produce results, this is cause for concern.

Through the center of a great circle is a strip consisting of 3 primary (Red, Green, Blue) and 3 complementary colors (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta). The colors have the same brightness and intensity. Borders between colors should be clear.

Pay attention to other figures depicted on the screen. Their color should be uniform, the boundaries between them clear and perfectly straight. Also look at the control panel located at the bottom of the screen — it serves to move the test (arrow keys), it can help to open the help, close the test window. Also the panel can be removed from the screen if it bothers you to work with the dough — it is a button with an arrow pointing down. To display a toolbar, press «H» on klaviature.

Tests «Solid Black», «Solid Red», «Solid Green», «Solid Blue», «Solid White» fill in the screen accordingly black, red, green, blue and white. Color brightness across the entire screen must be the same, dark and bright spots. In addition, these tests can be helpful in finding «dead» pixels on LCD monitors. Test the monitor for dead pixels to perform better after its purchase.

Tests «Scale Black-Red», «Black Scale-Green», «Scale Black-Blue» and «Scale Black-White» flood the screen gradients, respectively, from black to red full brightness, from black to green, to blue and to white. The brightness change should progress at the same pace at the top, bottom and in the center of the image. I mean here you should see a smooth change of brightness in the upper and lower parts of the monitor should be the same.

Tests «Moire interference 1», «Moire interference 2» used to detect moire. If the displayed image is clearly visible stains, circles, is not good and may indicate a problem with focusing. A small manifestation of moire is normal.

Tests «Convergence dots» (displays a grid of white dots) and «Convergence lines» (displays a grid of white lines) display white dots and lines on a black screen. The screen should be perfectly black, and the dots and lines — white, no impurities of other colors. The image must be clear.

Test «CrossHatch» allows you to identify problems with the geometry of the screen and adjust the size of the visible image. All circles should be perfectly round, but on the very edge of the screen should be visible dotted line (see dotted line zoom).

Tests «Mask» and «Mask2» is used for adjusting the white balance.

Tests «Gamma Red», «Gamma Green», «Gamma Blue», «Gamma White» are intended for testing the monitor's gamma.

Tests «Contrast Red», «Contrast Green», «Contrast Green», «Contrast Blue» and «Contrast Black and White» is designed to study the contrast of the monitor. The test displays a color of different intensity, a good is considered to be the presence of well-marked difference between the intensities of About 20 %.

Test «Zooming» displays multiple rectangles. The outer (thin white line) and a few rectangles inside that periodically switches from black to white. Less flickers and the image moves, the better.

Test «Fonts Test» displays texts written in different fonts — from 13 to 6 points. They should be read. Using the button Font in sang test tool, you can customize the colors of text and background.

«LCD Pixel Persistence» — this test is designed to study the persistence of LCD monitors. It displays multiple boxes moving at different speeds. Monitor with high inertia, will show the train moving to the left of the figure. Than this trail shorter the better.

Test «Printei Test» are intended for comparison of colors (color test monitor) that you see on the screen, with colors obtained when printing images on the printer. Print a test image by clicking «Print This Page» control panel and compare the color obtained on paper, with screen colors. In order to match, adjust the monitor or printer if it supports fine-tuning of colors.

Free the program Nokia Monitor Test to check and optimize the monitor.

The program has in its Arsenal is also not a bad set of tools for testing monitor and it can test geometry, contrast, brightness, resolution, focus, color, and even the built-in monitor speakers. Of course, the program PassMark MonitorTest has a number of advantages, particularly in the registered version, but if you want to save money, you can use the Nokia Monitor Test.

Testing showed that the free analogue for the optimization of the monitor and the search on the monitor dead pixels Nokia Monitor Test performs the job well. Unfortunately, the program is no longer supported by its developer, but it is still relevant today. As website developer she is gone and on various portals you can download it only through file sharing, I decided to save your nerves and time laying out the latest version (v2.0) for a direct link. The program works under the operating system Windows XP/7 (32-bit).

to Download the program по прямой ссылке Nokia Monitor Test .

To describe the testing tools in this program, I will not, because they are intuitive, and secondly, they work on the principle of the previous program.

So you can see how the easy to use Nokia Monitor Test, specifically posted a demo video.

In conclusion, with these programs for dead pixels you can check not only monitor but also a TV (you'll need to connect it to the system unit or laptop).

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