How to change the IP address of the computer — practical methods

Many of us for various reasons, periodically have to go to the Internet by hiding your real IP address and personal data. Someone needs to visit a previously inaccessible server online games, themed website or forum where blocked, to access the broadcast of foreign content available for your region, to protect the traffic from wiretapping and cash account at the time of purchase in the online store. To hide your traces in the Internet and to the protection of or access to the right resources, you need to change the IP address of the computer using an anonymizer or technology VPN.

Anonymizer (web proxy) — it is a mediator between the computer and open the browser to the online resource. It gives the ability to easily and quickly change the IP address of the computer and hide your location and keep anonymity in the web browser. However, he does not hide the fact of their use, which in my opinion is in unusual situations and in handling confidential information is unacceptable.

VPN (virtual private network) — is the generic name for technology that allows you to create a network connection over the Internet and provides for maximum protection of transmitted data packets. Besides, this technology has a high degree of encryption and provides protection against interception of passwords and confidential payment information when connecting to open Wi-Fi zones, home and office network. Change the IP address of the computer through a VPN has a considerable number of advantages in contrast to web proxies and increases the level of anonymity on the Internet.

At the time, I used the work of the anonymizer Surf Anonymous Free, and other similar programs periodically tested. In the early stages of the program suited me, but over time it had ceased to be cope with its responsibilities. It is noticed not only me, but one of our readers. In the furnace!

After that, I moved on to the VPN and for more than a year use the transition technology in their work. And I recommend you to use this kind of technology to hide the IP addresses of the computer while surfing the Internet and to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

Practical ways to change the IP address on the computer.

I should say that a universal solution for all people there. Why? Probably because many people have many opinions. But seriously, it's hard to say why some work some product, while others do not. I think that the technical issues make sense to ask the developers, because they know better and they will respond more constructively. I the article is based on personal experience and based on it recommend to you to adopt some of the below suggested solutions.

At the time my attention was drawn to a few extensions for Google Chrome, which I regularly used before, and one small program from the popular service, which I use to this day. I'm not going to focus on the installation of a extensions because they are easy to use and install standard. Beginners will learn the installation process on an intuitive level.

Let me just say for the record that to install some addon for Google Chrome you need to go to «Configuration» switch to tab «Extension» and the bottom of the page click on the link «Another extension». In the opened online store, enter the name of the addon and install it. All of the mentioned below modules have a high rating and many positive reviews.

Browsec VPN — Privacy and Security Online. Gives you the opportunity to change your ISP provided IP address on American, English, Singaporean, and Dutch. All the other delights (turbo speed premium server and other countries) a VPN provides on a fee basis. To date, the extension is available for Google Chrome, Opera and FireFox. It is possible to use the company product in iOS, and soon will work on Android.

the browser has a built-in VPN from SurfEasy. So you can use it.

Tunnel Bear. Quite, quite good and very popular extension with a free package that has the bandwidth to 500 Mbps, but has no restrictions on regions. It is possible to change your IP address to identify the IP of the resident of America, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and other countries. There is software for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and the extension is available for Google Chrome and Opera. I personally did not have provided free use of five hundred (500) Mbps, and despite the fact that the price paid packages in my opinion are affordable, I was not their client, and given his preference for decent, affordable service that I use over a year.

Reliable service to change the IP address on the computer.

At the time of use of the service HideMy in my work, I have formed and established credibility. By the way, there is no registration, and therefore, they do not store personal data, and in addition, they have responsive support. The service has a built-in free anonymizer used without limitation of traffic, speed test Internet connection and a port scanner. As I mentioned above I use a VPN and they bought three six-month package. In my opinion the prices in the service HideMy adequate, but in addition for regular customers they offer discounts (promo code).

You can configure VPN on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile platform Android, iOS and the router. The site has a detailed technical instruction on connecting VPN, which details and clearly set out. However, my attention was attracted by a small tool of its own design that can work with OpenVPN UDP & TCP, L2TP, PPTP. One paid fare technology VPN can be used simultaneously on two devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, TV Internet, game console). You can use VPN during the day to «feel» service opportunities and to make the right choice.

it is possible to change the IP address of the computer or mobile device at any of the 40 countries and 62 cities. The list includes America, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Spain and others. Customize programs and change IP addresses is performed in two steps and does not require any skills. Weighty arguments in favor of this service from my side quite a lot and that's why I use their services. While!

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