How to connect a keyboard and mouse for Samsung Smart TV

Don's no secret that modern TV you can connect various optional devices, and in this post we will talk about how to connect a keyboard and mouse for Samsung Smart TV. I should say that to connect to TV panel can be both wired and wireless input devices that work on Bluetooth or with the USB transceiver. However, you can connect Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, if the TV has this feature, but the wireless input device with a miniature USB receiver do not need it.

I must say that according to the developers of the company Samsung compatible with TVs keyboard and mouse not from all manufacturers. But most of the models ranging from 2012 (read here on the marking of Samsung smart TV 2012 and 2013) will work with manufacturers such input devices, like Logitech, A4tech, Genius, CBR, Apple and of course Samsung, but their works I will mention below.

We can confidently say that the Samsung TV will also work with keyboard and mouse from the company Gembird some manipulators from Chinese friends. Well, let's get down to business and connect keyboard and mouse to the TV Smasung. To demonstrate the whole process I will be on the model line 2012. In the series differs only in the interface, but the process of connecting input devices fundamentally similar.

 Connect the keyboard and mouse for Samsung Smart TV.

The connection process is quite simple and any difficulties you have should not cause. Take the cable with the USB plug from the input device or receiver, if you connect a wireless keyboard or mouse and plug in the USB connector of the TV.

If the connection is successful, the Smart TV will notify You with a message that connected to the TV, a new device and then the keyboard and mouse are ready to work. You can also receive a notification that the new connected device does not support all applications. One way or another input device which Samsung has no bearing on the functionality of many is limited in contrast to the brand of keyboard, but we'll discuss this further.

Now if You want or need, can sign in «Menu» — «System» — «device Manager» and configure the input devices to the robot with a TV based on their preferences. Of course, «device Manager» can boast of many features but the most simple settings here.

For example,»the keyboard Settings» you can change the shortcut keys to switch input >

Is also «device Manager» you can configure a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the robot with a TV. To do this, simply turn on your Bluetooth device and go to section «Menu» — «System» — «device Manager», and select settings, depending on what is connected, a keyboard or mouse.

In the options, click on «Add a Bluetooth keyboard» (respectively for the manipulator you need to choose «Add a Bluetooth mouse») after which the TV will search the device automatically. After Samsung Smart TV find a Bluetooth device, it will report what is needed to establish the relationship between them.

Press the input button on the remote and confirm the action on the pair devices second press «Enter», and click «Connect» on a connected device. Everything is now between the TV and the mouse (keyboard) is the mate.

This is so easy and simple you can connect to TV panel Samsung keyboard, mouse with cord or transceiver, and Bluetooth.

Mouse functionality, standard and specialty keyboards.

I already mentioned that the functionality of a traditional computer mouse and keyboard to work with Samsung TV have some limitations, but the main its purpose they perform. First and foremost, the classic keyboard and mouse designed for web browser.

They work seamlessly with built-in Internet browser, and unlike a standard remote control, make it possible to comfortably search for information on the Internet and you can watch any channel.

In fact all the control in the browser identical to that of the computer. While watching TV channels, some functions can be performed with the mouse. For example, double-clicking the left mouse button in any point of screen will cause a kind of menu from which you can go to «Smart Hub» or open «Menu» TV. Single click the right mouse button will open a window «Service».

Using the manipulator in «Smart Hub» you are free to choose the application, but working with the keyboard and mouse will not. As for the «Menu» that all of the settings you can freely perform with a mouse.

At the same time, the possibility of computer input devices are exhausted, but it is likely that future models of Samsung TVs these manipulators will give more freedom. If you are familiar with TV panel, share their capabilities in a joint work with computer input devices in the comments.

Now let's talk a little about the capabilities of proprietary wireless keyboard VG-KBD1000 Samsung. Compared to the classical input devices, it simply has no boundaries and also combines ergonomics and style. This model has rich functionality and it is all left to chance.

It allows you to conveniently manage a TV and not only replaces the conventional keyboard and mouse, but a remote control. For example, the built-in touchpad allows you to literally glide the cursor around the interface «Smart Hub», and the input field on the keyboard allows users to type messages in social networks. In addition, you can use its services and of course full travel on the Internet.

However, strongly do not flatter yourself, because I support her not all applications. This is because keyboard support in applications is determined by the developer, not Samsung.

On Board it has hot keys that enable you to access the functional management of a TV. Also you can change channels and adjust the volume on the TV panel. On top of that it is compatible with tablets and Samsung smartphones with Android operating system. To connect the keyboard to the TV via Bluetooth wireless technology.

According to the developers, this keyboard is compatible with TV models 2012 (LED ES6100 and above, PDP E550 and above) and 2013 (LED F6400 and above, PDP F5500 and above) and Samsung mobile device with Android OS 3.0 and higher.

I must say that keyboard compatible with Samsung Smart TV models that have only the built-in Bluetooth adapter. Therefore, if Your TV is E series (2012), F (2013), H (2014) and developers gave it the Bluetooth adapter, this keyboard will be supported by your TV panel. If your Smart TV does not support the brand keyboard, then try connecting the keyboard with the radio module.

In conclusion, I suggest you watch a themed video.

I would be grateful if you can add an article and share your experience in connecting keyboard or mouse to a certain model of Samsung Smart TV, with other readers. While!

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