How to remove login password of windows 10

Despite the hype associated surveillance in Widows 10 the user all the same gradually move on to a new operating system. In this regard, we increasingly face the question: how to remove a login password in Windows 10? To disable this option in the operating system can change the account settings in the control panel or using the built-in registry editor. However, for security reasons, I would not recommend you to disable login password in Windows 10, if you work at a computer more than one or have access to it, children.

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If you soon will trek to the service center, then all the important information better to move to another computer or pick removable media (SD-Karte, USB-fleshka) and dump data in there, or at least leave the authorization in the system.

If the access to the computer, only have you, it makes no sense after each inclusion of the computer to enter a set of characters to enter in the working environment. To disable the password, it is necessary that your account had administrator rights. As a rule, computers used at home have the default for the user's personal record with such rights.

Disable password in Windows 10 in your account settings.

The easiest way to disable a password when logging into the operating system running in just a few steps. He borrowed developers from previous versions and is:

Step 1. Hold down the Windows key (has the Microsoft logo) and press the letter R. the Combination Windows + R to launch the built-in app «Execute». In the opened window enter the command netplwiz or control userpasswords2 and press «Ok». Each of these commands causes the window «user Accounts».

Step 2. To enable automatic logon in Windows 10 without password, just remove the check mark from item «users must enter a user name and password», select the account, from which in the future will be entering the working environment of the operating system. To confirm your intentions, click «Ok».

Step 3. At the final stage the system will ask to enter password confirmation. Be sure to enter the current password and echo it into the appropriate field. Left confirmation button «Ok».

All changes will take effect after you restart the computer. I should say that if your computer is currently connected to a domain, the item «users must enter a user name and password» not appear in the accounts window. However, you can use another method to disable the password using the built-in editor in Windows.

Disable login password in Windows registry editor 10.

All inexperienced users when working with the registry editor, I recommend doing a snapshot, for example, in the program Reg Organizer. Even if you happen anything remove, you can always restore the registry to make it working. Of course, this method should be approached with caution. If you do so, as described below, you will be able to remove your password to enter the system, but in this case, the password will be stored as a registry value in the clear. Versed in IT-technologies people will be able without much difficulty to recognize him.

Hit a familiar key combination Windows + R, type regedit and press «Ok». In the opened editor, click on the proposed path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon.

Looking ahead to say that if the registry system will not be any of the following options, you can create one through the menu «edit» — «to Create» — «String value» and assign the necessary value.

To enable login without a password for the account Windows 10, Microsoft is or domain, do the following:

  1. At the specified path, find the AutoAdminLogon. Click on it twice with the left mouse button and change its value from 0 to 1.
  2. Adjust the parameter value DefaultDomainName to the name of the domain or local computer (Displayed in the «computer Properties»). If necessary, create a string value. In my case the value is set as STEVE JOBS (seen in the screenshot).
  3. If you need to change the username, you can change the DefaultUserName to the desired value.
  4. Is left to create the DefaultPassword and enter in the value of the password of the account.

As soon as you finish to edit — restart the computer (laptop) and all the changes should come into force. The entrance to a working Windows environment under the selected user to be performed without entering a username and password.

Disable password in Windows 10 when exiting sleep mode.

If you want to be prompted for a password when the computer resumes from sleep mode, use the option in the settings of the operating system. To remove the password just go to «start» — «Options» — «Account» — «login Settings», find the item «login Required» in the dropdown menu, select «Never». Now the computer will not display a field for entering a password.

Here you can change the password or create a PIN that you can use instead of a password.

In addition to remove the request for a password, you can still via the applet «power supply», which is «control Panel». Double-click the icon «power supply» and in the window that opens, click on the link «the plan settings», which is located opposite of the schema used at the moment. In the new window, click on «Change advanced power settings».

In the advanced settings window, click the mouse on the item «Change settings that are currently unavailable» that to have the ability to change the set values. It remains to set the value of parameter «Require a password when waking up» on «No», and click «Apply». While!

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