Selection, application and characteristics of modern managed switches D-Link.

The network switching device trademarks D-Link has an extensive set of functions, built-in processor for data processing. It enables users to perform several actions with the data packets. This is a modification, setting priorities during the dispatch. You can set user rights in the local or home network, create groups, to restrict a specific IP or MAC addresses.

Examples of such equipment you will find the link — where you can choose switch D-Link with suitable for your application parameters.

Managed switch-switch for Ethernet networks can be 2 or 3 levels. Depends on the functionality of such equipment. So unit 2 level can effectively operate in carrier networks when connecting separate segments and network devices. The third level is designed for static, the multicast routing of packets. These routers provide high-speed processing and subsequent transmission of data in enterprise networks.

Modern models support a number of important technologies, among which worth mentioning:

  • the Use of SFP modules to connect fiber optic cables.
  • Function PoE feeding devices via network cable. This can be an IP surveillance camera and other equipment.

At last, the equipment in question has a high level of protection from loss or interception of data.

How to choose a switch?

There are several key parameters important to the user. This is the number of ports to connect network devices. The choice depends on the number of computers and other devices that are to be connected to the switch.

the Second important point is the bandwidth. If we are talking about a large distributed network, the performance of the provider, used Gigabit switches with a large selection of different interfaces. For simple users it is enough 100 Mbps.

The third detail that is important to consider when purchasing, it management methods. It may be the SNMP Protocol, web interface, command prompt. The availability of convenient remote access for staff and simplifies network configuration and administration. Also important is the ability to effectively combine multiple switching devices under one virtual network. Can also be functions of segmentation, management multicast, cable diagnostics and other important and useful features.

Trademark of D-Link offers a wide range of switches for different organizations with large internal network that require efficient switching and distribution rights. The company's products are of high quality, long term trouble-free operation. Developers regularly release new versions of firmware that are continuously available on their website. There you can find software to manage equipment by SNMP.

Is some series of such equipment. Each targeted at a specific market segement:

  • Individuals who need to combine multiple computers in a home network, unite with the neighbors.
  • Offices and business centers with the internal network, call centres, shops.
  • Large objects, enterprise data centers, service providers of mobile communications and Internet service providers.

The only drawback of this technique can be called the cost of individual models. However, they are designed for large enterprises, where such costs are fully justified and recoverable.

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