How to remove virus blocking Windows (banner extortionist)

If the fraud has blocked Your operating system and you don't know how to remove the virus blocking Windows, then this article is for You. Today, the Internet is very common virus (Trojan.Winlock), which blocks the operating system to ask You to send an SMS message to obtain the activation code. Don't even think about sending these crooks SMS message, because once you do that Your score will be zero.

If you are faced with blocker Windows — do not be discouraged, will help You to solve the problem, a free utility from the world's leading developers of anti-virus packages. Free Unlocker will help You to recover encrypted virus files without the transfer of money on account of scams.

How to remove banner extortionist.

So, if you are a supporter to support the online business Scam and do not want to send an SMS message, then below you will find a few links to the official websites with free tools that will help You to regain access to the operating system (how to protect Windows from any kind of virus, I wrote here).

Here is how you might write blocker:

Don't go on about the scams, but rather use the free Unlocker from popular antivirus vendors.

ESET will help free return the functionality of the computer if it has been blocked   a malicious program that offers to send a paid SMS to the specified phone number. To do this, the company provides a set of utilities.

Modern banners-ransomware Deblocker is not possible to unlock with unlock codes and therefore, to remove the banner from the desktop, Windows no transfer money to the account, it is possible only by using specialized utility.

After you unlock the system, just in case, check antivirus your computer or recover the operating system from a backup.

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