How to learn fast typing on the keyboard blind set

Many people today want to learn fast typing on the keyboard as a blind set to effectively and efficiently use their time working on the computer. And to say there is not «experts» two-finger set, that blind typing method is fully capable to save some precious time. I still do not understand why schools, colleges, institutes to teach computer literacy bypassing such an important aspect as a keyboard.

Don't need to look far to see how to make friends with people conducting keyboard at a computer considerable part of their working time, just go to any Central commercial Bank, office or a social institution and you can easily find adherents of the two-finger method, and around teller kilometer queue. A familiar situation? I think so.

Just want to mention that I'm not talking about all professionals working in these places and certainly there are those who know their job perfectly. But as you can see in the eyes usually catch such «wizard» blind set that take their time…

By the way, if you decide to associate yourself with copywriting, blogging or other similar activities, to have an additional or steady income on the Internet, you will definitely learn blind method of printing.

It is very strange that many bloggers talking about how to make money on the Internet lose sight of the keyboard, which with the proper approach to it is able to tremendously save precious time. But everybody knows that the time — money.

Generally enough to argue, because once you read this post, you already made a decision to learn fast typing on the keyboard as a blind set, and therefore has already taken the first step towards the effective use of the computer.

Typing fingers on the keyboard.

You can probably understand that the keyboard is a powerful tool in the hands of a professional, so I recommend you to get acquainted with the key assignment here and download it for free I have made reference on the shortcut in the operating system Windows XP/7/8 here.

So, all kinds of programs, so-called simulators in order to learn blind method set of a great many, but I wish to draw your attention to just two of them. This is the well known training program rapid typing «SOLO on the keyboard» and «VerseQ». These programs are paid, but they cost mere pennies. For example, «Solo on the keyboard» today, depending on the version is from 150 to 300 rubles, and the program «VerseQ» for personal use will cost you 150 rubles.

a Program for blind method of typing, you can download from the official site: «SOLO on the keyboard» and VerseQ.

Of course many of you reading the article will get on a BitTorrent tracker in search of warez (software that is distributed illegally in violation of the rights of the copyright holder) version instead to support the work of the author of a particular program and to pay for his work mere pennies. This is the way is one of the reasons funneling brains of our CIS in the near and far abroad. You are probably after these words, I think that I have written a promotional post. No, friends, it is not so: «Just for power it is insulting».

I'm not going to tout the program «SOLO on the keyboard» because I didn't work with her, but let me focus your attention on things that were very outstanding individuals. Such as, Arina Sharapova, Boris Burda, Palladium Lolita…

This is not all outstanding individuals who have mastered blind typing on the keyboard with the program «SOLO on the keyboard». To what im saying and you cite the example of these celebrities. To the fact that even such well-known and busy people feel the need and found free time to learn fast typing on the computer. By the way, on the official website of the program «SOLO on the keyboard» you will also find an exciting flash game for typing that will help you to have a close friendship with a keyboard.

The program «SOLO on the keyboard» has three course («Russian course», «English course», «the taming of the figures»), one hundred full assignments and test, which gives you to compare your performance before and after training. It should be said, the course «the taming of the figures» will be very useful for engineers and programmers, employees, banks and tax services and accountants and cashiers… After completing the course you will learn several times faster to work with a numeric keypad and a calculator.

In General, the program is promising and has in its Arsenal another bunch of nice chips, but my choice a few years ago, fell on the program «VerseQ», and the acquired skills from the simulator I use to this day. So I of course will recommend you this typing tutor because of the education I have left a good impression and achieve the result. This unique exerciser gives you the ability to learn fast typing on the keyboard in the shortest possible time.

How to learn fast typing on the keyboard. My experience.

The thing is that it works on a totally different basis, in contrast to their counterparts, and that's why she caught my attention a few years ago. At that time I shoveled a lot of information and read a lot of reviews about a particular trainer, but exactly VerseQ. Its a symbolic price suited me just fine, and the reviews on the free counterparts, I was not impressed. In addition I liked the fact that the training program begins with learning the entire keyboard and all the letters of the alphabet.

The learning process is not interfered with my main activity, but smooth and effortless. With each my achievement, I wanted to put my new personal record. What surprised me is that a few lessons (20 minutes) on this keyboard simulator I was dialing method touch typing about 50 characters per minute. But during the week I passed the bar in 180 characters per minute and almost without errors. Of course, this is not the level of a professional, but this is just the level when you can freely print method for a blind set and significantly save your time.

But if you have the desire, you can easily with VerseQ you will be able to reach the level of professional and beat on the keys for over 300 beats per minute. Friends, be sure at the beginning of your training read the program guidelines for working with the simulator. There you will learn how to correctly position your fingers on the keyboard, you should pay attention to the process of learning, how much time per day should be given to training the blind set and lots of other useful tips.

Is this keyboard trainer its useful extensions. For example, you can download the advanced English or Russian >

I today happy with my past training at keyboard simulator VerseQ, because the blind set method I, as a blogger, it helps to Express their thoughts quickly and precisely without losing the highlights out of my head. I don't know did this keylogging simulator blind typing method set of any celebrity, but at the time, was training me, and honestly his opinion about VerseQ shared with you.

As you can see the friends learn a method of touch typing is possible without departing from the basic work or study and obtain the skills to enjoy life. In my opinion this is a very decent program to learn to type quickly and a blind set. By the way, before you buy the program you can test it in full functionality on your computer for seven days.

If you have your own learning experience on any keyboard trainer, share in the comments your experiences with us. That's about it. I hope the article was useful to you and easy to perceive. Subscribe to new blog articles, there will be so many interesting things. While!

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