connect to a VPN server with mobile devices based on Android

Every modern user has a smartphone and uses it not only for calls but also for surfing the Internet. However, in public areas you have access to Wi-Fi, which may not be password protected, and it increases the risk of identity theft if the third person in the form of the attacker will also want to connect to this network.

To establish a secure encrypted connection on your mobile gadget is extremely simple. Enough download VPN for Android the device and access through a virtual private network. This service is online storage, so access to all sites will occur within the secure channel, and you will not have to worry that someone will steal your private data.

A VPN is a virtual private network, which is represented in the form of a special technology, is able to provide a safe network connection on top of another network, including the Internet.

The working principle of VPN is based on forming a network tunnel through which the transmission of data between users, sites and the service in both directions. Traffic is encrypted so that input data transformirovalsya and the output is converted to its original value.

By using a virtual network, you can protect not only data that is transmitted, but also to hide the real location of the customer and his personal details.

The advantages of the VPN are determined by its features that help users stay safe:

  • complete anonymity on the Internet, so the user could hide their movement by changing the IP address and encrypted traffic;
  • bypass all geographical restrictions;
  • your data is saved secure, if you connect to public Wi-Fi without a password;
  • reducing the risk of hacker attacks;
  • you can work remotely in a secure corporate environment;
  • bypass legislative restrictions.

There are many types of VPN protocols that are used to create the private network, with each of these tools has its own characteristics.

the Most popular are the following:

  • The PPTP tunneling Protocol "point to point". It allows you to hide packets of the Protocol "point to point" in the Protocol packets the Internet network;
  • L2TP tunneling Protocol link layer. It is possible to form a private network not only IP networking but also in other;
  • OpenVPN Protocol is open source, which is used in most VPN services.

Next, we consider how mobile devices on the Android OS to connect to VPN network by using the protocols listed.

Connect to the PPTP/L2TP server Android-gadget

Procedure will be the following:

menu Settings – Bbesprovodnye network – item Else;

select partition a Virtual network (VPN);

press Add network, so you will create a new connection.

If you wish to connect to PPTP, then in the opened menu you must specify the following:

  • the network name (you can choose yourself);
  • set type is PPTP;
  • server address – enter here your IP address or domain name MyQnapCloud.

the Connection Protocol L2TP is carried out by depositing such data:

  • the network name (up self);
  • the type of Protocol is L2TP/IPSec PSK;
  • server address – enter your IP or domain name MyQnapCloud;
  • - shared key IPSec is a key that is installed on the server.

Next, you run the generated connection:

you Need to enter the user credentials of the PPTP or L2TP server, and then click the connect button.

In case of correct introduction of the authorization will display the connection information.

Connect to the OpenVPN server with Android-gadget

Initially, in mobile devices there are no special applications, through which you can connect to the server OpenVPN, so the first thing you are downloading the OpenVPN for Android. It is best to install via Play Market, where downloading occurs with a confirmed resource.

Next step is to run this program and pressing the button for importing – it is in the upper right corner.

to Specify a previously downloaded configuration file with the extension *.OPVPN.

Then press the button with the disk icon and save the certificate.

Now run the OpenVPN connection.

You will need to enter the data username and password of a user that is registered on the server. Then press the button to confirm OK.

In case of correct data input for authorization on the device screen will display information about the connection to the server.

In the notification bar you will see a new shortcut that points to the connection. If it's pressed, you will be able to see all the information about the current connection.

Setup completed successfully and you can securely use the Internet anytime and anywhere. Your traffic will be encrypted, you need not be afraid that someone can steal data from your device.

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